ARTICLE: 10 Different Types of Nigerian Girls when visiting their Boyfriends

Having a girlfriend is very romantic. Having someone you can love, care and share your feelings with is a wish everyone wants. However, having a Nigerian girlfriend can be romantic or even painful. There are different types of Nigerian girls from Slay queens to runs girls and even Church girls. Whichever your girlfriend is, I (RielDams) have made a funny compilation of 10 different types of Nigerian girls when they are visiting their boyfriends.

1. The Ones that will insist they won’t sit on the bed. If you can’t find them a chair to sit on, then it’s either you people stay outside or she stands inside.

2. The ones that always come with a friend. These ones are smart and they know that they are secured when they come with a friend. They always end up provoking their boyfriends.

3. The ones that always visit you when they’re on their Menstrual Cycle(Period). You can’t have any sexual affair with them cause you know that period isn’t safe. They always make their boyfriends regret having them around.

4. The ones that are down for s*x but don’t know how to start it. These ones are most guys favorite. If they want to give you signals or green light, they would be like “Peter be there and be pressing phone once it’s 4pm am leaving”.

5. The hungry ones that didn’t eat from their house. Once she around, she will just go straight to your kitchen to see what you have. If you have this kind of girlfriend, it’s best you always have food whenever she’s coming around.

6. The ones that are waiting for you to make moves. When it’s raining she’s ready to remove her top and claim she’s feeling hot. If you’re dating this kind of girl all she needs from you is just a move.

7. The Seductive Ones. These ones will go to your wardrobe and change into your big shirts and seduce you till they get what they came for. (They will change into your big polo without panties.)

8. The ones that fake sleep but once you make body contact with them, they’ll respond back in a good manner. (Once you touch their pant lines, they go low-key raise their waist.)

9. The ones that will visit you with big bags and intentionally leave their stuff like toothbrush and undies etc just to ward off any other lady.

10. The most common on the list is Ladies that will visit a guy and refuse to go back. These ones will claim they came to spend the weekend, but before you know it they have already spent two months and still have no mind of going back. After staying for a long time, it becomes marriage and they just start having kids with their boyfriends.

Which of these Ladies can you relate to? Comment, like and share!!!

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