ARTICLE: 5 Things A Woman Does When She’s Dying To Date You

Women are conservative in nature. This means they are not forward when it comes to taking initiative in dating matters.

Nowadays, women are beginning to break out of the norm. Thanks to social media most of all. They no longer stay layed back.

It’s no longer difficult to tell if she’s giving you the green light once you master the steps listed below:

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1. If she constantly makes time for you, she wants to be around you. Forget when women talk about busy schedules and being indisposed. When she wants you, she will go out of her way to carve out the needed time to encourage your ADVANCES.

2. If she tries to look extra attractive on dates, “she don dey eye you since.” Women believe they are taken more seriously when they put in time to cultivate a good appearance. They also know men are moved by what they see.

3. If she compliments you often. Women are reticent naturally, especially when it comes to issues that include men. If she however takes out time to notice your hair cut, grooming and appearance or even character traits she likes, my brother she is giving you the GREEN LIGHT.

4. If she keeps the conversation going she wants you to keep talking, and eventually DROP THE BOMB. Guys always note this. When she deliberately makes the conversation interesting so both of you keep talking, there’s a big chance she is already loving up.

5. If she wants to learn about you. It’s hard for ladies to pretend wanting to know someone. So, if she is trying to get know you and ask questions about your life, she may even want something DEEPER.


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