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Just A Shot

“Just A Shot”


I keep trekking down this mile of no possible end
With my head fully loaded, my eyes obviously burdened and my feet both confused
But none give it a concern, instead they all ink it on their tablets “This race is personal!”
Ikise Atabang.
Dec 23, 11:17pm

“Koi!”  “koi!!” “Koi!!!”…..was the only sound heard as She walked down the small path that led to her apartment tired and half drunk, Her Calcaneus hurts, she hated high heels. The only thing on her mind was to slide in her blanket, hug her pillow and sleep. It was a cold night. She was  unaware of two men monitoring her in the dark.
                     AMAKA’S APARTMENT

“Hello!, Oyibo open the door”
“We are here to make you feel alright”
“Baby, we know you are lonely and cold”
“Oyibo, We promise we will take it easy on you”
“Open or we break the door!”
She recognized their irritating voices, they are the only people that call her “Oyibo” which was meant to be a sweet name but she hated it, she hated hearing it from them.
She couldn’t fathom why those men wouldn’t let her be. She felt like shouting but she knew it wouldn’t help. She is the only one left in the whole compound, Others had traveled for Christmas holidays.
They always tell her how beautiful, fair and sexy she is, how they would love to make her their wife, anytime she walk pass the kiosk where they normally smoke and drink. Imagine marrying two men. Two drunkards.
“Damn it! These dirty drunkards, So it had reached the extent of them coming to her house” she asked herself.
 “Shit!” she cursed under her breathe reached for her phone. She didn’t know who exactly to call, finally she decided to call Mike.
“I hope he picks, after turning down his offer this night.” She thought.
“The person you are calling is not answering, you can send an….”
“Fvck you!” She cursed the innocent girl or whatever it was that said that. Robot?

She dialled the number for the 4th time, yet no answer. The two men are still at the door trying to break in as they continue telling her what they would do to her beautiful body.
She cursed her friend Lynda for convincing to her to attend the rubbish Party, Cursed her self for going and Cursed her self for forgetting to lock her front door.
“Baby, blame game is not going to help you” she advised herself and decided to look for any alternative. Then it hit her. The Gun!
Her dad who is a soldier had given her a small pistol when she was leaving for her Youth service, to defend her self in case of emergency.
Though she never wanted it, her dad forced her to learn how to use it. Now she is glad He did.
She went for her box, there it was, at the bottom. It’s metal material shone with the reflection of the moon. She corked it, kissed it, held it tightly and with shaky hands pointed it to the door. The door flew open, seconds later and the two men appeared.
“Hello baby”
She switched on the light and smiled when she saw the look on their faces.
They were shocked and frightened at the sight of her holding the gun, but composed themselves immediately.

“Hahahaha… Oyibo, you think you can scare us with this your toy gun abii? He mocked.
” Don’t move! This is no joke and this is no toy gun”
” Even if it’s a real gun, I bet you can’t shoot me, can you? See the way your hands are shaking” He started moving closer to Amaka.
“I know you want me”
“Drop the gun baby and come to daddy, I swear you are going to like it”
“Kpoaa!” She fired a shot just about 5 inches above his head and it hit the wall.
“I am not gonna waste anymore bullet, you understand what I mean?”
“Yes…yes Mah”
“Just A Shot” is all she needed to be in control of the situation.
“Now turn around and…..” She was interrupted by her ringing phone.

                      MIKE’S APARTMENT
Dec 24th, 12:02am
Mike is a Corp member who has fallen in love with Amaka, Though Amaka never gave him chance to prove his love. He believes she would come around one day, once she is single. Of course that’s what every man believes when he is in love.
“I must get her!”
He came out from the bathroom with the girl he picked at the club, with their bodies dripping wet. He carried her to his bed and was about to continue where they stopped in the bathroom when his phone beeped, and for no reason he went for it.
It was a true caller notification, He had a missed call from Amaka! She had called Ten minutes ago.
He smiled, remembered how they danced together at the club, and how he wanted to take her home but she refused.
“Maybe she changed her mind” he thought, “why on earth would Amaka call me?”
“She must be feeling cold”
He dialed her number, she picked at the second ring.
“Hello Mike, please can you come over to my apartment now. I need you to help me with….” she was saying but the line went dead. She sounded nervous.
Mike who was now confused, called back but she didn’t pick. He decided to drive over to her apartment to know what’s going on. Even if she was not calling because she missed him, maybe she needed his help and that’s an opportunity for him to prove his love to her.
Meanwhile he love seeing her face….
To be continued….
Do you think Amaka is still in control of the situation in her apartment?
Do you think she will fall for Mike?
7 DAYS coming soon.
A story written by Azuka Valentine Chizoba (Valcee)

Your Comments, Criticism, and Corrections are highly appreciated.

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