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Poetry Friday Line 5: GONE FOR GOOD

Poetry Friday Line 5: GONE FOR GOOD 

By: Ime Uwah

Shall I ever have one?
With whom life is meaningful
Without whom is stale
On whom I shall depend
For fresh courage when in despair.

Shall I ever have one?
With whom I am rid of fear
Without whom it’s failure
On whom I shall lay my trust
For strength and peace.

Shall I ever have one?
With whom shelter and entertainment
Without whom weakness, war, and chain
On whom I shall lean
For freedom, action and joy.

Shall I ever have one?
With whom courage and rescue
Without whom rebel and strain
On whom I shall… my all
For rescue from bewitching hands.
Shall I ever have one?
-Ime Uwah (07086770836)

By: Teri

Well, tell me why you are so mean.
You wear me out
And make me mad
You steal my laugh
And hand me tears
You break me down
And burn me up
You stomp on my ash
And wash me away
Yet, you tell me you love me
You promised the world
But only handed me battering
You slapped me because I spoke up
And told me to stop my mind from thinking
You kept me prisoner
And kissed my scars
And told me how much I meant to you
You said I was your number one
And how you couldn’t live without me
You fooled me once then again and again.

But not anymore
I spoke no more
And took no more of your beatings
I took my things
And picked up the rest of my life
And shut my heart
And I walked out of your life.

It’s nothing personal
Just looking out for number one
And just so I wouldn’t turn to salt
I never looked back.
C_u_p_O_f_T_e_a_T_e_r_i (08129915829)

By: Ikise Atabang 

“When I finally leave, I’ll never come back!”
Those words pierced through my heart
With the fear of walking through the aisle of isolation
This time around, the pride in my head went down to my toe
And my skin became nothing but an expired shell
I thought I used to be so a callous person
It’s now I understand I have emotions!

“Please, I’m very sorry, I never meant it! “
That was the 99th apologetic SMS I received though yet to celebrate our one year anniversary
So I became taller than the Everest, wider than the Atlantic and deeper than the Pacific
My pride was still feeding me with more ways to keep earning such SMS
So I was comfortably and eagerly waiting to receive the 101st apology
I never remembered I was yet to receive the 100th
So I was turned upside down, the 100th became my turn.

“Why did you lie to me?”
That was how the questionee became the questioner
And alternatingly the questioner became the questionee
I sat speechless for more couples of minutes than when I was the one asking
Even upon that an extra time was added to me, yet I was dump
I then understood how it feels to be the one receiving the lashes
‘I have no reason to answer you’, my pride finally spoke.

“Don’t leave please, no, not now!”
This was the first time I ever sounded low since we started
Before I could bring back myself, I realized I had said the 100th apology
I measured the mass of my one apology and it was far greater than the 99 that came from the other side.
“Move on! People of your gender are scarce while their gender is everywhere.”
My pride spoke, but for the first time, I refused to yield to his enticing words
I went back to my bed heartbroken and the same creature that left came back and spoke to me
“Yes, we are everywhere but the significance of the whole thing is that out of the 100 you meet, 99 will ruin you. It’s just one that’ll help build you into the man you want to be.”

-Ikise Atabang (09099935947)
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