STORY: 7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) SEASON 2

7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) S02

A story written by Valentine C Azuka
Valcee [Honest Pen]


“We go too far trying.
We sink in despair,
trying to claw our way out of the pit of regret.
Even with the beast of our wrong acts pulling us down”





“My Sunshine, are you not going to give me kola?”

I asked with a serious look on my face. She sat on her large bed, her hands tapping away on her phone. Her doll, Bob, lay on the bed, its lifeless bug eyes staring me down and daring me to try anything silly.

I remembered the day I caught Amaka speaking to her doll. It was that day I got to know that its name was Bob. She said Bob was the brother and friends she couldn’t have. That it had always been the both of them, alone. I was bemused but I laughed it off. She said it wasn’t something I would understand. I reminded her I was an only son too, though the difference was that my mum never prevented me from keeping friends.

“What kola again?” She asked, her eyes still glued to her phone.

“Don’t you know what kola is again?” She paused for a moment, stared at me and continued using her phone.

“I know what kola is, but I just served you food and drink. What else do you want?” She pouted. I looked at her pretty fingers holding her phone so tenderly and I felt jealous. Those fingers should be stroking, touching me, caressing me not her phone.

I got to where she sat, collected her phone which I dropped on the wooden cabinet beside her bed and led her to her feet.

I gave her a soft bite on her earlobe and whispered, “Since you have claimed that you don’t know the kola I’m talking about, what about my serving myself?” She stared at me with her pretty eyes, wearing a naughty smile.

“Sure, serve yourse…” I didn’t allow her to finish as my lips found hers. She responded immediately and we kissed for some seconds before she pushed me to the bed. My eyes met Bob’s and I gave him a knowing smile,

“Yeah buddy, I’m gonna make love to your sister”. Within seconds we were both in our birthday suits.

Some minutes later we lay beside each other breathing heavily after a fun filled love making. My eyes caught the portrait of her mother hanging on the wall of her room. She looked very beautiful and happy, and she had this wonderful smile. I looked at the girl lying beside me and smiled. She was a carbon copy of her mother. She blew me a kiss and went to her bathroom. I looked at her and smiled in fulfillment.

She had everything I was looking for in a woman and I knew there was no letting go.

That was not my first time of sleeping with her. We had slept together more than five times in the past few months since we started dating and I knew my spiritual life was going down the drain. However, I wasn’t ready to stop.

I found it difficult and unnecessary saying the ‘Act of Contrition.’ I remembered the day in Church when the choir tuned the hymn “Never will I sin again…” I kept mute. I couldn’t sing along with the congregation. I felt it would be dishonesty on my part if I sang it. I would definitely sin again and I knew it, so why lie in God’s presence? God as well knows everything, he would know it was a lie.

I’ve been seeing Amaka since last semester, right from the day she invited me to her house. Everything was going on smoothly, apart from my spiritual life, of course, I was doing great in every other aspect of my life.

I was doing great in my academics; my first semester results were good though not good enough to fetch me a first class certificate. I wasn’t aspiring for first class anyway. I had totally forgotten about Cynthia and we had not spoken since the last time at the hospital. Ebo and I were still buddies, and we had each other’s back, always.

“Baby are you not going to join me?” She shouted from the bathroom, bringing me back to the present.
“Nah, I am shy. I don’t want you to see my pim pim” I replied jokingly, getting up from the bed.

She laughed. “Look at you, dirty boy” I wore my trouser.

“Baby, admission list is coming out tomorrow o. Are you aware?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Wow are you serious?” She asked and I imagined the look of excitement on her face.

“Hope you would make us proud?” I entered the bathroom and gave her a kiss.

“Can you imagine? You just entered a bathroom where a full grown woman like me is having her bath. Don’t you know I can sue you for sexual harassment?” She tried covering her naked body with a towel. I was amused. This girl wouldn’t cease to amaze me. Few minutes ago she was inviting me to come shower with her now she’s pretending to be shy.

“I’m sorry my Barrister. It won’t happen again. I just wanted to say goodbye”. I apologized giving her a mock bow.

“Go away joor!” I knew she was kidding.

“See you later”, I said closing the door behind me.
“Love you!” She shouted from behind the door.
“Love you too”.

I got back to my lodge few minutes past 8 PM and met my room locked.

“Where could this boy be by this time of the night?” I asked rhetorically.

I was dialing Paul’s number when I heard some funny sounds coming from our room. I realized then what was going on, I went to our neighbor’s room to wait it out.

“I thought Paul was around?” He asked, when I told him I’d be waiting for Paul in his room.

“Yeah, he’s around but busy”. I replied with a smirk.

“Oh!” We laughed.

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7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) S02

“We go too far trying.
We sink in despair,
trying to claw our way out of the pit of regret.
Even with the beast of our wrong acts pulling us down”



*Stat 102 Class*
*_11:52 AM_*


This was actually my worst lecture for the semester; a three hours Statistics lecture (10am-1pm). After two hours of standing at the field, for field practical. I could barely concentrate for the first two hours.

The lecturer asked another question and yet it was a girl that answered.

“It seems the girls are better than the boys in this class, right?” She asked.

“Noo ma’am, we don’t have girls, we are all boys”. Ozyee replied. The whole class busted into laughter including the lecturer.

My course was largely guys than ladies that we referred to the few ladies as guys.

“You boys need to be more serious”, she advised. “And that reminds me” she continued.

“A student was found dead yesterday morning in Nsukka Campus”. She went on to tell us how there was no single scratch on the deceased, no gunshot wound, not even a stab. Some people believed it was a suicide, while others believed it could be one of the cult groups. Maybe he was poisoned or strangled.

“Hmmm, thank God there is nothing like cultism in this our Campus”, the guy sitting beside me said. I looked at him, kept mute and recalled my encounter with the Black axe. It was an ugly experience I hated recalling.

IJ Hostel
1:18 PM

I headed to the boys hostel to go see my guys, when I got whiff of an incident. As I moved closer to the hostel, I heard boys shouting,

“IJ ooo…IJ ooo…” which wasn’t a new thing; IJ hostel was known to be the noisiest on campus. The noise increased as I got closer, however it had this sorrowful feel to it. I entered and met a crowd in front of J-wing.

Many people had their hands on their heads, why others shook their heads sorrowfully. I enquired what was happening, from one of the guys among the crowd,

“One Law student just committed suicide, his name is Ekene”. He had replied immediately as if he had been expecting the question.

“What? How did it happen?” I asked in shock.
“I’m not sure guy, I heard he jumped from 400 series-5th floor”.
“Jesus Christ!”

*Green Lodge*
*_7:17 PM_*

I was in my room with Paul and Ebo discussing the recent death. “I wonder what could have made a youth take his own life”, asked Ebo to no one in particular.

“Honestly, the thing annoy me, nothing would ever make me commit suicide. This life wey dey sweet like this”. I added.

“Guys it’s not like that oo, you guys haven’t suffered from depression. That’s why you are talking like this”, Paul argued.

“Paul forget that thing! Which stupid depression? Which depression would make you end your own life?” Ebo asked Paul looking at me as if expecting me to support his point.

“I don’t know. All I know is that none of us really know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Most of these victims of suicide never believed they would ever commit suicide”. Paul elaborated. And I believed him.

“Yes, Paul you are right. But guys, what if…what if these were no suicides at all?”

“Val what are you talking about? Ebo asked.
“I mean what if they didn’t kill themselves? What if someone else killed them and made it look like it was suicide?”

*Ekene’s Side of the story.*
*Few hours earlier_*

I looked down from the fifth floor deep in thought.

“Oh God! Barca why? I can’t believe Barcelona made me lose my ticket. What kind of devil is this?”

I looked at the white paper in my hands, hissed and tore it to pieces.

“How am I going to pay this departmental due, before my exam on Friday?”

Exam starts next tomorrow and I just used the 100k sent to me by my parents to play bet. Now I’m left with nothing. It was only two odds which was meant to fetch me 200k. My phone got lost a month ago and since then I had been using a Nokia Torch. I was supposed to use the money get myself a new phone and take care of other things including my departmental dues. Tears dropped from my eyes.

My only hope was to borrow some money from my closest friend, Vincent. But he had refused. According to him I wasn’t serious. He knew my parents sent me some money few days ago.

“What happened to the money that was sent to you? You want to use Aba sense on me abii?” He had asked me. I couldn’t tell him. He didn’t know I was into betting. We used to condemn those who played bet together.

All I needed was just a jump and everything would end. I closed my eyes.

“Forgive me Father”. Half way to the ground, I regretted my actions. I wished I could reverse time. But it was impossible.

*_To be continued …_*

7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) S02

We sink in despair,
trying to claw our way out of the pit of regret.
Even with the beast of our wrong acts pulling us down.


4:47 PM


“Chai! Honestly that’s too bad”, I was in my room gisting with Paul about the latest incident on campus. The suicidal news had been trending everywhere on campus including online.

My mum had called me yesterday and also this morning, saying a lot of encouraging words to me. She also begged me to always feel free to talk to her about anything. She went on to remind me that I was her only child. I promised her I would be fine and that I’d never do anything that would either hurt her or myself.

“Hmmm Val, the guy that committed suicide was a friend to my class mate oo. The guy almost killed himself yesterday. He said he was responsible for the death of his friend”. Paul continued.

“How? Why would he say such a thing? The guy must really be in serious pain oo”, I asked curiously.

“Val calm down. According to what Vincent my classmate told me, Ekene asked him to lend him some money but he refused not knowing it was something serious. Until after his death and during some investigation, nobody knew the real cause of his death till they went to his bank and enquired about his transactions, then it was discovered that his last transfer was to his Bet9ja account”.

“Wait wait! Are you trying to say that the guy committed suicide because probably he lost a wager?” I asked in dismay.

“Exactly. And guess what, it wasn’t a small sum”.
“How much?” I asked impatiently.
“Guess”. Paul suggested, trying to make his gist more interesting.

“Eeeerm 10k”, I saw a mosquito perched on the wall close to me and slapped it with my palm hoping to get it killed. But when I had removed my palm from the wall and looked at it, there was nothing there. I missed.

“Hmmm what’s 10k? Guy you won’t believe it was 100k. The only money in his account”. He waved his two hands in front of him in demonstration.

“Jeez!” I covered my mouth with both palms trying not to let out more screams.

My phone chimed, I looked at it and it was a call from an unknown number, so I ignored it, I don’t like taking calls from unknown numbers. I thought about what I just heard. I used to bet too, but I couldn’t imagine myself taking such risk. My phone chimed again and I decided to pick up.

“Valentine Azuka” I heard from the other end when I placed the phone on my right ear.
“Yeah. Please who am I speaking with?” I stroked my beards.

“Hope you’re alone?” The stranger asked ignoring my question and getting me scared.

“Y…y…yes …” I replied, going outside.

“Okay. Val listen carefully. There is something we want you to do for us …”
“And why do you think I can do whatever it is you want me to do?”

“We know you can do it. You’re the only one who can do it”.
“Who are you? Have we met before? How did you even get my contact?” I was getting scared.

“It doesn’t matter”. He said with a confident tone.
“Well, even if I can do whatever it is you want, why would I do it? I barely know you”.

“Because we have your friend …” He was saying, but I cut him short.

“What! You have my friend? Which of my friends? Where?” I was sweating.

“Ebo. And if you love him like he does, you have 24 hours to do as exactly as we want”.

“Okay … okay. Please don’t harm him.  What is it you want me to do?” I asked with a trembling voice.

“You’re going to help us kidnap someone”, I was speechless for some seconds before I found my voice.

“What! … No, I can’t do that”.
“Oh yes you can. You’re going to help us or your friend dies”.

“Please don’t harm my friend. Who is it you want me to help you kidnap? How do I know him?” I asked, my heart thumping hard. Why are all these happening to me? I wondered.

“You know her already. You are going to help us kidnap Ibori Chiamaka, Your babe”.



I was calling Val to break the good news to him. I had gained an admission to study law in the university. The same University he was studying in, but he was on another call. I had dialed his number thrice yet got the same annoying response from that silly woman.

“The customer you’re trying to reach is on another call …” I wondered why he couldn’t end the call and pick mine.

“Who was he even talking to for more than five minutes now?. Hope it wasn’t a girl” I was jealous and angry, but on a second thought, I told myself it could be his mum.

Some minutes later he called and when I asked about the girl that kept him from answering my calls he told me it was his mum and I believed him. I told him I had gained admission and he was very happy but there was something wrong with the way he sounded. His voice was dull.

“Are you okay babe? You don’t sound too well”. I had asked him.
“I’m ok my sunshine, just that my mum told me she was sick. I’m just worried about her”.

“Oh, sorry dear. Don’t worry she’d be fine”. We talked for a while with me trying to cheer him up but to no avail, before he ended the call. He said he needed to catch some sleep and cool off his head. I hadn’t seen my Val in such mood before.

That was the shortest and most boring call I ever had with him.

To be continued …

Next episode drops tomorrow.

[8/20, 14:48] Val Unec: 7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) S02

We sink in despair,
trying to claw our way out of the pit of regret.
Even with the beast of our wrong acts pulling us down.


4:23 PM


I was done putting things together and In order, in anticipation of Amaka’s first visit to my lodge and for execution of my plan.

I had given her a call earlier in the day and told her how I would love her to pay me a visit in the evening so we could celebrate her success at my place. She was very excited. She told me her dad would be hosting a small party for her too on Sunday.

I suggested it would be better if she came without her driver and bodyguard, so that she wouldn’t stir up any unnecessary attention. She said she understood, she loved keeping things simple.

I went to my bathroom to freshen up and when my eyes caught my reflection in the mirror, I stared long at myself in the mirror and broke into tears.

“I am such a terrible human being”. I thought to myself. “What kind of boyfriend am I?” One that could do nothing to protect his girlfriend …

Last night was like hell for me. I spent the whole night pondering on the conversation I had with the stranger who seemed to be a kidnapper. I was given only 24 hours to deliver Amaka to them or my friend Ebo will be dead.

Delivering Amaka to them was a very difficult decision for me, not just as a boyfriend but as a Christian. But if I failed to do what they wanted, they were going to kill my innocent friend who had sacrificed his life for me once.

After so much thought, I made up my mind on what to do and gave them a call in the morning. I requested to speak to my friend to confirm that they truly had him and to make sure he was alive. It was indeed Ebo and he pleaded with me to give them whatever they needed so that he could be released as examinations were fast approaching.

I sought to know why they wanted Amaka and they told me that they only needed to get some money from her dad. They assured me that nothing would happen to her. I decided to give them what they needed.

I agreed to help them kidnap Amaka my girlfriend. I knew our relationship would be at risk after that. But that was the best thing I could do, after all, they only wanted money. They were not going to harm her. She’d be fine, I had thought and made up my mind. I couldn’t let Ebo suffer more than he already had.

My phone rang bringing me back to the present. It was Amaka, I customized her contact on my cell with Alan Walker’s Darkside. I picked up and she told me she was waiting for me in front of Access Bank.

I hurried up to go pick her and met her looking very beautiful and lovely as always in her short Ankara gown which exposed her fair, smooth legs. I was very proud walking with her hand in hand.

We got to my place and she was impressed by how neat and arranged my room looked. We ate the chicken pepper soup I prepared, talked for a while and then she got all romantic, but I wasn’t in the mood. I couldn’t respond.

She was really sad and disappointed in me. I lied to her that the current suicide that was committed in my school in addition to my mother’s illness was really affecting me. She said it was fine but I knew it wasn’t.

At that moment, I received a text message.

“Guy we’re set. Hope she would pass through the route you gave us?” She looked at me and smiled.

“How’s your mom doing? Have you talked to her today?” She asked trying to peer at my phone as I replied the text. She was sitting on my bed while I sat on a chair facing her.

“Yes I called her like 3 hours ago. I don’t think she’s getting better. She complained about body pains. I wish I was there to take care of her”. I lied.

My phone rang. I looked at the screen and it was the kidnappers. I went outside and spoke with them in hushed tones but when I came back I met Amaka on her feet, her arms akimbo, wearing a serious look.

“Baby who was that? Why are you now evading me such that you take your calls outside? Who’s she? She is the one you have been texting in my presence, right?” I held her waist.

“My Sunshine, it’s not what you think. It was a guy I just spoke with, my neighbor. He asked me to check if his roommate was back. That was why I had to go outside. Ah jealousy”. I mocked her playfully.

“Are you sure of…” A text came in again interrupting her.

“Ok we would be expecting our package in few minutes. Don’t do anything silly or else…”

She wanted to see the text but I refused.

“I knew it; you’re hiding something from me. You have been acting strange lately”. She sat down on my bed with her hands supporting her jaw. She was staring at the floor.

“Honestly I can’t believe you’re this stupid. What kind of nonsense is this? Why would you want to read my messages when I have said No? So I can’t have my privacy because you’re my girlfriend? My phone is my private property for goodness sake!” I yelled at her feeling infuriated. She was surprised.

“Valentine, is it me you’re talking to like this? This is serious. I think I should leave”. She picked up her purse and phone.

I watched her leave in tears. I texted the kidnappers describing what she wore and told them she’d be within their reach anytime soon. That was part of the plan, getting her upset so she’d leave alone. They texted me back.

“Once we get hold of her, your friend walks”. I made the sign of the cross and prayed things work out according to plan.


I left Val’s lodge with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t fathom what had just happened. That was the first time of having a serious misunderstanding with Val since we met.

I’ve heard people say couples always fight in a relationship and that the fights make love stronger. I hoped it would be the same in our case. What was supposed to be a fun filled visit turned out to be a mess. I regretted going to his place.

There was something going on with Val, He said it was his mum’s illness and the suicide story but I didn’t believe that. It must be something else but I couldn’t figure it out.

“Could it be that he’s cheating on me? Or probably he started talking to his ex, Cynthia, again”. I wondered.

I brought out my phone checked the time and it was 7:08 PM. It was getting dark and I knew I’d be getting an earful and would have some explaining to do when I got home.

I took my eyes off my phone and bumped into someone, that same instant. I apologized but he remained still, blocking my path. I made to walk over to the other side but he stood on my path again. I was about asking him what he wanted when someone covered my nose and mouth with a handkerchief. I inhaled something funny and passed out.

Everything went blank.

To be continued …

Next episode drops tomorrow.
7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) S02

We sink in despair,
trying to claw our way out of the pit of regret.
Even with the beast of our wrong acts pulling us down.


Brown Lodge
10:34 AM


It was a normal Saturday morning at my lodge commonly known as the “Brown lodge” because of the brown painting of the exterior of the house.

My neighbors were busy each one with one chore or the other. Washing plates, pots, clothes and cleaning up the house while blasting hip hop songs from their various home theatres. All thanks to EEDC.

I was done with my laundry and didn’t feel like cleaning and mopping the floor. So I picked up my books to study but the experience with the kidnappers clouded my mind.

I was walking home on Thursday evening with earphones plugged in both ears when a girl patted me on the back. I turned, removed my earphones to hear what she had to say. She called my name and told me she had been seeing me in school. I told her I hadn’t seen her before, she asked how could I have noticed her when my girlfriends are always around me like houseflies.

I couldn’t help but laughed. The girl sounded just like a flirt. We talked for some time and just when we were about exchanging contacts, I felt strong hands grab me from behind, I saw the girl take off before I collapsed after inhaling chloroform. Yeah I knew what it was, I have seen it in movies.

I woke up the next morning feeling very lightheaded and nauseated. My mouth tasted funny. I was blindfolded so everywhere was dark. The place was strange, there was no physical motion: I could hear no human movement, no sound from vehicles. Except for the chirping of insects, cock crows and the ruffling sounds caused by the wind, the place felt deserted. I tried getting up but I was stuck to the chair I was sitting on with both hands and legs tied.

“What am I doing here?” I asked myself before attempting to speak out loud. My mouth felt very dry, I was thirsty. I wanted to shout but the words couldn’t get out, it was then I realized I was gagged too. I made incoherent sounds indicating that I wanted to speak and someone removed the gag.

“Haaa! Thanks… thanks”. I breathed heavily.

“Please I need some water. I’m really dying of thirst”, I said talking to no one in particular.

Someone brought a sachet of water for me which I took in a gulp, panting like a deer which hadn’t seen water for days.

“Please why am I here tied to a chair and blindfolded?” I asked the guy that gave me water. He didn’t respond, instead he tried putting the gag back.

“Wait … wait … please even if you guys are going to kill me, could you at least tell me why?”

“You were kidnapped. No one is going to harm you unless Val fails to do what we’ve asked him to”.

I was really terrified when I heard that. I wondered if it had to do with Val and Cynthia again. I couldn’t believe Val would be so stupid as to hang out with Cynthia again after what we had passed through. I hated him that instant and swore not to have anything do with him again ,that is if I was able to get away from the predicament I found myself in.

I wondered what they must have told him to do before they would release me. Joining their fraternity was the only thing that came to my mind.

If I was right, then it would be a big mess. Would Val join their fraternity because of me? Or would he allow me to die at the hands of these unknown kidnappers.

For chrissake, my exams were fast approaching.

“Please what is it you want Val to do for you guys?” I asked him with a terrified tone.
“You don’t need to know. That’s it, you’ve talked enough.” He said putting the gag back.

“Wait … wait ….” I was gagged once again and I had no other option than to swallow my unspoken words, what with my many protests and unsuccessful remonstrations. I had wanted to ask him if they had spoken to Val. Truth be told, I wanted to talk to him too.

Some minutes later, they brought a phone to me. It was Val. I was as happy as I was relieved. I felt my saviour had come, I implored him to do whatever it took to make sure I got out of that place alive to prepare for my exams.

They snatched the phone from me not allowing me to speak with my saviour for long. They moved farther away from me so I wouldn’t hear what was being discussed. But I heard the guy say something like “I give you my word, no one will lay a finger on her” and I knew the girl was no other but Cynthia.

It was hell, sitting blindfolded and tied to a chair, while my whole body ached. I also felt what it was like to be blind. I sat in pain unaware of what was going on around me counting down seconds till sleep engulfed me. I don’t know how long I slept but I know I woke up to the sound of a car being driven in.

“Untie him and take him to the car, we’ve received our package. And do not remove the blindfold”. The one in command shouted from outside. The bonds that held me to the chair were untied and I was taken to the car with my hands still tied behind my back. The guy that led me to the car proceeded to push me inside but I protested.

“I thought you guys had gotten what you wanted and I was supposed to be free? So why are my hands still tied? Are you guys scared that I will escape?”

My words stopped him in his tracks and he looked at me as if he was pondering over what I had said. Then he untied me and asked me to enter the boot of the car. I did but when he was about closing the boot his phone rang and he picked leaving the boot open.

I seized the opportunity to shift the blindfold a bit and peeped. I was able to see the place, thanks to the moonlight, and it was an uncompleted building. It looked familiar and I wasn’t sure I had been there before but I was sure I had seen the building before. I couldn’t just remember where. I was still trying to identify the building when the boot closed leaving me in darkness once again. I adjusted the blindfold to cover my eyes properly.

“Ebo my guy!” Val shouted, bringing me back from my thoughts. We hugged and patted each other’s back.

“Guy I’m really sorry you experienced this again. I really know nothing about this or those behind it. I don’t even think it was the Black Axe that did this”, he apologized and I saw the bitterness in his eyes.

We saw each other yesterday when I was released by the kidnappers but we didn’t talk much. I told him to come to my place the next day so we could talk about what happened. Meanwhile I needed some time to myself, I had not bathed in two days.

“Honestly I swore not to have anything to do with you again after this incident but let me hear from you first. What business did you have with Cynthia again? You made a vow to leave that girl for good”. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and shook his head.

“Ebo it wasn’t Cynthia this time around, it was my girlfriend …”

“What? Amaka! How?” I found it difficult to believe what I heard. I really felt bad for him.

“Yes oo Amaka” He went on to narrate everything to me starting from when he first received the call. I was really sad and I felt responsible for what had happened. It wasn’t his fault yet he gave them his girlfriend just to set me free. If only I had come back earlier that night or at least, wasn’t carried away by that girl, I had met, who knows, I might have been careful enough to notice what was going on around me.

“But Val o, how about her dad? I mean how did he take it? Is he aware you’re involved in his daughter’s kidnap?”
“Noo I lied to him. I couldn’t tell him the truth. I told him I was supposed to meet her that day but couldn’t reach her on the phone”. He replied bitterly.

“Chai! That one is another problem oo. Don’t you think Amaka will tell him when she is released? You know you guys had a misunderstanding”. I asked him trying to know what his plan was. I watched him stand up with his arms akimbo and staring at the wall.

“Well if I could get the chance to speak to her before she talks to her dad, I can apologize to her and convince her not to tell her dad she came to my lodge the day she was kidnapped. I’m sure she’d comply”.

“Another question. Do you in any way feel she might suspect you had a hand in her kidnap?” I asked him, concerned.

“No no. I played my card well. There’s no way she’d think such.” He said confidently.
“What about the ransom? Do you know how much they demanded?”

“Two milli guy, according to her dad. Ehe let me call him and know when he would be going to make the exchange”.

I watched him bring out his phone and scroll through it with shaky fingers.

“Hello … Sir … yes Sir … okay Sir. Sir I was thinking if I could come with you. Okay. Good luck Sir”. He shook his head and I knew it didn’t go well.

“He said I shouldn’t bother myself”.

To be continued …

Valentine C. Azuka__


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