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Sunday Rants by Val #64

#Sunday Rants…

👉 Can’t wait to blow so I ‘ld tell people that I came from the ghetto.😂

👉 When last did u received a text saying “I love you”

Well wetin concern me?😌

👉 Because you saw me coming out of the hotel room & ya looking at me !

So person can not charge his phone in peace abi?🤷🏾‍♂😋

👉 Dating or marrying a man who doesn’t play smooker is a blessing.

That game teaches men how to Target plenty holes Using one stick.😌😉

👉 If you know you have been cheating on your partner From January till now without being caught, dm, our Thanksgiving is next Sunday.😅😆

👉 By this time that year my Christmas Clothes and Shoes Don ready.

God, Why did I grow up?🤔😭

👉 One advantage of wig is that you can remove it at a party So you could collect food for the second time.😁🤗

👉 Sucking small breast is very risky. What if you swallow it?😹😳

👉 Oh Nigeria!

NEPA people cut Police station light.

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.😌

👉 No matter how much money your wife Makes, give her money because your money

tastes sweeter.😂😅

👉 I hate sex,even if I get married i will not have sex until my children finish secondary school.😌

👉 A girl born near a door is called DORIS.😇

They won’t teach you this in school.

👉 You’re mocking others Because your hustle pay faster than theirs. You Remember Mr Biggs??

They now use Lantern at night. 🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾

Na you talk am oo

👉 Can you abandon your education at your FINAL YEAR because of common £700billions?. Remember education is the key.😎

#Happy Sunday



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