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QUESTION and ANSWER #1: featuring Gabriella and Chigo

10 questions and answers each from NZD to both Gabriella and Chigo. Enjoy! 
Gabriella, a medical student, dancer, model..basically an entertainer… Lover of babies and a go-getter 
NZD: What’s your Igbo name?
Gaby:’s actually Chisomebi
NZD: πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
NZD: If you became a celeb for one day,what would you do?
Gaby: I’ll send a lot of money to my parents
NZD: Funniest thing a guy has said to you?
Gaby: I love you, buh I want to love her too
NZD: πŸ˜‘

NZD: Your best color?
Gaby: Black
NZD: IPhone or Samsung?
Gaby: No preference
NZD: Travel to Calabar or Travel to Dubai?
Gaby: Travel to Dubai
NZD: Who you shouting out to?
Gaby: Shout out to my parents, and to Flawless Max Crew, you guys are my family 
NZD: Favorite gifts?
Gaby: Money, sneakers
NZD: πŸ™„
NZD: Sharwama or Pizza?
Gaby: Sharwama 
NZD: Which football club do you know? Name 5 footballers?
Gaby: Chelsea. I really can’tπŸ˜‚ 
NZD: You don’t know even one footballer? 😲
Gaby: I can. Just not up to 5….Lampard, Hazard πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€ 
NZD: Any message for Nzdworld?

Gaby: Keep riding, keep striving, keep doing what you do, it’ll pay off real soon. Thank you for all you’ve done for Flawless Max Crew, for portraying us to the world as a crew made up of special people… You made us feel good about ourselves and that was a really nice thing to do…so thank you❣
God bless you for us…for me❣

My name is Chigo Victor from Akwa ibom state.

NZD: What’s the most noticeable behavior about Warri people?
Chigo: “We no de carry last” 
People of warri are too wise to be used, Born and bred in Warri opened my eyes to many things….  I can’t even remember being duped.
We too de ginger no mean say we no go fit shake your table. 

NZD: If you become the Governor of Delta,what will you do?
Chigo: Give civil servants their salary on time…  It’s obvious Delta State is lacking at that but I wouldn’t want to be the Governor of Delta State. 

NZD: Name of your girlfriend? If you no true o
Chigo: 🀣🀣🀣 As at now…. None, believe me bro. 

NZD: Who you shouting out to?
Chigo: I’m shouting out of Unec artists, those people give a lot of motivation, 022 Surveyors, FMC and NZDWORLD

NZD: Messi or Ronaldo and why?
Chigo: RONALDOOOO!!!. he’s a more complete player than Messi could ever be. He’s like Victor AD in the Music Industry….. Hustle to get to the top. 

NZD: Name three Nigerian clubs?
Chigo: Warri wolves, Akwa united and Enugu rangers. 

NZD: Marvel or DC and why?
Chigo: Marvel… They’ve perfected their filming process, you can’t say the same for DC. 

NZD: What are you up to now?
Chigo: This is a really big time in my career cause I’m bout to come in hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. I’ve got six tracks to be released in the year 2020 featuring talented people like Sixam, Willem’s and K-legal. The first would be I go die which would be in January with Sixam(this nigga is blastified) 

NZD: Any message for Nzdworld?
Chigo: Keep going…. We all know you’re headed for greatness, mine is don’t lose my contact.
NZD: πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

NZD: When you were D.O.G,what changes did you make?
Chigo: With the help of a colleague,  we got the jersey we now use a lot.  It was a honour serving them even if they can give stress. 

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