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AKWA IBOM- The Perfect Kingdom


A poem written by:
Ikise Atabang
In celebration of the 32nd Birthday Anniversary of the Great Akwa Ibom State.

I went far away from my country home
Looking for a place where I could relax…
Yes! I mean, relax to discern the wisdom of my ancestors
I needed a very silent place;
Silent here, I mean absolute silent
Because even the cemetery makes some noise at evil hours
I needed an area with a moderate atmosphere
Because I hated the sun
And the rain too would destroy me
I needed a place rich in content
Just so my intestines would be smiling always
Because I was with nothing except my empty me
I needed a place where strangers are not known from indigenes
I needed a place where xenophobia would just be an English word with no meaning
I needed a place I could sleep all night
Having just the birds as my security
I needed a place I could drink a stagnant road water
With no doubt of impurities
I needed a place where black things would be seen as black and white as whites
I needed a place where my linage would never die in case I decide to settle 
I needed a place where my weak offspring won’t be rejected or subdued
But only be thought to accept the natural philosophy of the superiority of my stronger offspring 

Oh, no!
Before I realized, I had ask for a everything to be in my favour
That was when I remembered I was only a perfectionist
So I needed a perfect place to dwell
“Am I really going to see a place like that?”  became the next question
In attempt to give an answer to my question
I met an old man on my way
And he pointed one of his right fingers to the south southern part of my journey
“Oh no, sir, I’ve never been to that area.”
So I said, and he looked at me and smiled
Oh son, if only you know where I’m directing you to
I am of age now….
So I’ve been to all the parts of this kingdom
Including the hidden corners
Where the treasures of gold and riches of this kingdom are stored
Where the tasty water which the whole of this kingdom drink is from…

With all his fascinating words;
I bowed.
Guess what, before I raised up my face to look again
The old man had disappeared
So I continued my journey all alone.

To my greatest satisfaction,
I arrived at just where I was longing for
Behold and behold,
The old man never lied for any of his words
But to be Frank,
It wasn’t a funny journey
I mean the distance was immeasurable
It was the area where the kingdom borders another kingdom at it’s South southern region.

So I went to rest under a certain tree like the Jonah
Just so my ancestors could communicate
But surprisingly,
A fairly coloured and beautiful bird began to speak:
“You are welcome to the land of promise
Feel free and relax your mind
Be natural and feel at home
No man is a stranger here
We are all treated equally
Ask for whatever you want
But only be genuine
Because this is the home for the genius
Once again, you are welcome to Akwa Ibom state.”

O yes, no Wonder, the old man said it

I was speechless with all the beautiful things I saw when touring round
The beautiful culture was constantly inviting
The delicious dishes were what I never ate to my satisfaction- I wanted more and more
The greenish vegetation gave me a sound mind
The people accommodated me until I wished I could change my origin. 

But because I was just a missionary sent on a mission
I couldn’t prolong my stay
Less my ancestors get mad at me
So I spoke back to the bird on my last day

” Thank you so much
Your kingdom is perfect
I love your culture- it’s colourful
I love your foods- they are delicious
I love your vegetation- it’s beautiful
Of all, I love your people- for their hospitality
Really, I love your place
It’s indeed a promise land
I long so to come here again
But until then,

Dedicated to the Great people of Akwa Ibom state!


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