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Poetry Friday Line 14: LOVE

Poetry Friday line 14: LOVE

Everyone wants to be loved
But only few show love
Only few are ready to pay the sacrifice
Only few are willing to pay the price

It’s a wonderful feeling.
Have you ever thought of someone and smiled?
Have your friend ever asked you why you were smiling, meanwhile you didn’t know you were?

We like because…
But we love despite…
We like people because of what they posses
But we love people despite what they don’t posses.
I love you despite there are no twilight in your eyes
I love you despite your smile ain’t as fine as the azure.

Don’t love because…
Love despite….
We love many.
We fall in love with one.

He called, they didn’t pick up.
He waved it off, he don’t care that much.
He called, you didn’t pick, he got vexed.
Because he loves, he cares.
He still call again, and again

Love is sweet,
Love hurts.
People got broken down and shattered,
Yet they still love.
Some are scared to love.
Why  not give love a chance?
And Here comes the question
“How do I know when one truly loves me?”
Well, ‘I don’t know’.
Honestly I don’t.
Follow your heart.

Mother nature takes alot
And in silence she lays still.
She watches us.
Batter and beat.
We think that our cutting,burning and toxifying goes unpunished.
No, it doesn’t.
She would bite back.
Now the earth cries
 Would she get her payback.

She would.
Her lover, death, feeds her with the flesh of the spawn of her enemies.
I pour out my soul today.
I drain out my tears of words.
Begging for mercy.
That mother earth might lay still.
I beg that she gives our little ones more time
Dear Mother Nature,
It’s been too hard living.
But I’m too afraid to die.

Time keeps counting
Realities keep hitting
Every man in his own words
No heart with a positive conception
We are all alike
The words keep trending
Over and over
No man to trust
The guys are bad
And the ladies are not unlike good
Dare not to battle with that which is older than you.

It is only in my country
That love denotes sex and connotes betrayal
Every man hungers to taste first
Desperation floods their eyes
Abomination overflows their veins
Time’s no more on their sides
“Get it done and walk away”
They chorus without conscience

The opposite too is a factor
“Let me allow him to taste it so he’d stay”
That’s how they give themselves one hopeless hope.
But what if after tasting
They don’t feel like sitting down to eat
What will be the aftermath?
Broken hearted rights?
You see all these things,
They are all out of desperation
And they’re fake!


Frosty rose petals .
Prue, fragile and delicate
Like new love always is
That first look. That first minute

A true love’s kiss
New emotions surface,
Heat to cheek
Fast beating heart
That glint in another’s eye
That says. I know you

An imprisoned soul revived
Missing from loneliness
Two hearts beating as one
So excited, so nervous
One out of a million

It is a release of sensation
And they want for more
It is that tingling
Most private feeling
That thing we call lust

To give yourself over completely
And the craving for possession
As the breathing rises swiftly
That first touch. That first sigh of passion
Losing control so willingly….

Then silence…..deep breaths
Contented heart……ease
Contented mind……dream
What was one is again two
Though changed forever
(Kk’s Nightmares)
-Nwafor Emmanuel

*Shout out to Ikise’s Lil bro, Eggah Eggah Atabang who is Graduating tomorrow from highschool. Team Nzdwo🌎rld congratulates you and wishes you more grace to keep soaring higher.*
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