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Real Madrid the CELEBRITY Football Club

Real Madrid is no doubt one of the three most popular football brands in the world. Spain as a country struggles economically yet Spanish Club Real Madrid gets richer and richer year after year. 
Based on History:
The *Real* in Real Madrid actually stands for *Royal* in Spanish and was bestowed to the club by the King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown on the Real Madrid logo. 
21st century stat:
Real Madrid is officially the most valuable football club/brand in the world. The record previously kept by Manchester United but over the last 4 years,Real Madrid keeps topping them.
Real Madrid since current Club President Florentino Perez took over in year 2000 has transformed into a global worldwide brand attraction the best footballers in the world. Every footballer’s dream is to play for Real Madrid.
On-field stats:
Real Madrid as well as Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao are the only 3 clubs never relegated from La Liga since the Spanish league began in 1929. Real Madrid also called Los Blancos has many long-rival matches: the famous *El Clasico* with main rivals Barcelona,the *El Derbi* with city rivals Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid is the successive club in the UEFA champions league. Boosting a total of 13 UCL trophies plus a record to 3 in a row. 
Revenue Streams:
Unlike Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain whose money is excess due to oil corporations,Real Madrid gain its outrageous streams of revenue from branding,TV rights,membership,stadium tickets.
For standard members,Real Madrid membership fee costs about $500 per year. To join the elites membership,that’s like tens of thousands of dollars per year. The Real Madrid board pay millions of dollars each every year,that’s why they belong to the class called *socios* giving them exclusive power to vote the club’s president. Basically each board member of Real Madrid is a billionaire! The Spanish club is owned by its supporters and not stakeholders so its nearly impossible for Real Madrid CF to go bankrupt or overtaken.
The branding aspect comes from *galatico signings* by Florentino Perez. The likes of David Beckham took Real Madrid brand to a whole new level. Most asian fans support the football celebrity more than the club itself so Real Madrid took the advantage and signed Superstar footballers boosting both on-field and off-field performance. Other galaticos like Zidane,Cristiano Ronaldo,Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez were also signed by Los Blancos.
The current galatico signing is Belgium star Eden Hazard bought £100m from Chelsea. Real Madrid have plans of signing French star Kylian Mbappe in 2020 after failing to land Brazil star Neymar due to FIFA transfer rules.
Real Madrid has lot of multi-billion dollar sponsoring companies like Bwin,Adidas,Coca-Cola,Audi,Fly Emirates and many more super brands. 
The Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is one of the most iconic football grounds in the world. Fans from within and outside the country come on a daily basis for stadium tourism.
Media aspect:
Real Madrid made history as the first football brand to reach 100million Facebook followers.
Real Madrid is normally greeted by thousands of Asian fans(Japan,China etc) during world football tours or International Champions Cup or Club World Cup.
Real Madrid brand have nowadays become a celebrity itself. Transfer news or speculations related to Real Madrid instantly become hits on the internet. 
Players rumoured to be signed by Real Madrid become celebs before the transfer even happens. (Example: Luka Jovic,Kubo,Vinicius,Rodrygo). Once a footballer is linked with a move to Real Madrid,his market value increases by 4.
That’s Hala Madrid for you!
The only football club capable of competiting(fame,brandi g,revenue,superstars,global) with Los Blancos is FC Barcelona.
Bayern Munich and Manchester City are coming up. Manchester United just relying on past glory! (The Alex Ferguson glory days).
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