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Sunday Rants by Val #54

#Sunday Rants…

1. I saw my ex roasting corn by the road side. As soon as she saw me she escaped…I just wanted to tell her that I supply Charcoal.🤷🏾‍♂😎

2. Being dumped by a guy with dreadlocks is
tough 4 a woman, bcos whenever she sees a pineapple, she burst into tears.😹😆

3. I never knew I’m this handsome, until four women started dragging my hand today in the
“Fine boy, come and buy crayfish”😁😊

4. Girls please hang your clothes with peg
My Bea is failing to understand that wind blew my neighbor’s BRA into my room.
The line  she hang her clothes is close to my room and my window was open.😒😪

5. Anytime I enter into my moms kitchen she ‘ll be shouting, Val others have not eaten oo!!
Pls guys what does that mean?🤔🌚

6. When the relationship was new
Me: Hahahaha
Her: Wow Bby you laugh just like Jesus😆

7. Some Guys are lucky
They are the main Boo in three different relationship*:?😎

8. Dear fat people…. apart from snoring, which other instrument can you play?😅🌚

9. All this skinny girls that drink Lipton and go to the gym to workout,what exactly are you trying to lose? Your life?🙄🤔

10. On my wedding day there will be break time for people to go home and eat and then come back😋😊

11. Because ur girlfriend is Smiling while using her Phone doesn’t mean she’sCheating on you.
Relax, she’s reading my jokes.😁😎

12. If A Baby Born In The Morning Is Called Monica, Evening – Evelyn, On The Floor – Florence, In A Car Carmela, In the Kitchen- Nkechi.
What do we call a baby born in school? 😹🤷🏾‍♂🌚

#Happy Sunday


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