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Poetry Friday Line 13: LIFE’S A MOVIE


Life’s the sweetest and most organised movie
The environment you were born into is the setting
The purpose for which you were born is the plot
The people you meet daily are the casts
Your actions and reactions are your different roles.

Life’s the sweetest and most timely movie
Each 365 days is an episode
Each 24hrs is a scene
Each conceived idea is an act
Where ever you are seen from is your own stage.

Life’s the sweetest and most educating movie
Your haters are your antagonists
Your lovers are your protagonists
You are someone’s confidence
You are also someone’s threat.

Life’s the sweetest and most interesting movie
If you win, you are the actor
If you loose, you are the boss
The world is your audience
Backing your audience, remember, is a stage abomination.

Life’s the sweetest and most comical movie
The audience cheer whoever depicts the positive
They automatically hate whoever plays the negative
No man cares to know why you were given a particular role
How they see you is how they define you.

Life’s the sweetest and most captivating movie
The one that starts lowly has a glorious future
The one that begins gloriously has a low future
Strong characters are brought down by simple things
Protection goes to the most conservative.

Life’s the sweetest and most ironical movie
Opportunity appears most to the imbecile
The wise is starved
Realities of life hit those that initially ignored them
Time favours the dog and harsh on the snail.

Life’s the sweetest and most confusing movie
Good characters are crowned with evil
Bad characters are branded perfectionists
The good and the bad happen simultaneously at the eleventh hour
Just so you don’t get to predict it.

Life’s the sweetest and most paradoxical movie
It doesn’t matter who your birth giver slept with
The person that named you is your father
Whether you deserve where you come from or not;
Why you are there is the concern.

Life for the last time is the sweetest and most realistic movie
No matter how the script is written,
You are definitely going to be the bad guy when your enemy is narrating it
And whether you are being credited or abused for your role
One thing, ensure to play it perfectly.
-Ikise Atabang. 

I love your lips when they’re wet with wine
    And red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the lovelight lies
    Lit with a passionate fire.
I love your arms when the warm white flesh
    Touches mine in a fond embrace;
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
    Your kisses against my face. 

Not for me the cold, calm kiss
    Of a virgin’s bloodless love;
Not for me the saint’s white bliss,
    Nor the heart of a spotless dove.
But give me the love that so freely gives
    And laughs at the whole world’s blame,
With your body so young and warm in my arms,
    It sets my poor heart aflame.

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth,
    Still fragrant with ruby wine,
And say with a fervor born of the South
    That your body and soul are mine.
Clasp me close in your warm young arms,
    While the pale stars shine above,
And we’ll live our whole young lives away
    In the joys of a living love.

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