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Death is beautiful,
I know.
But it’s better when she sneaks up on you.
You ruin everything for everyone.
When you snatch

Death’s opportunity to surprise you. – Teri

Thursday. 3:12pm (GH, Room G215)

“This hostel is quite calm unlike my hostel IJ, but I still love my IJ” I said to myself and smiled as I climbed the stairs to my friend’s room. I was going there to call him so we could go football training together.
“She fine guy, you need to see her…” I could hear Laxy’s voice from the inside of his room, this boy and girls.

“Laxy you know!” I hailed him.
“Valcee!” “How far you?” I exchanged pleasantly with his roommate and he asked me a very funny question.
“Bros Laxy dey flex with all the girls in your class?” 

“Yes” I replied him.
“Choi! So its true?, Laxy baba for d girls”
I smiled, “But have you asked him how many girls dey our class?”
“No, how many?”
“Just eight?”
“Yeah” and we both laughed.
Friday, 11:52am.(Stat 201 class)
This was actually my worst lecture for the semester, a three hours Statistics lecture(10am-1pm) after 2 hours of standing at the field, for field practicals. I could barely concentrate for the first 2 hrs. Thank God this is the last class for the semester.
The lecturer asked another question and yet it was a girl that answered.
“It seems the girls are better than the boys in this class, right?” She asked.
“Noo Ma’ am, we don’t have girls we are all boys” Ozyee replied. The whole class busted into laughter including the lecturer.
“You boys need to be more serious” she advised.
“and that reminds me” she continued.
“A student was found dead yesterday morning in Nsukka Campus”. She went on to tell us how there was no single scratch on the deceased, no gunshot wound, nor a stab. Some people were saying it was a suicide; while others believed it could be cultists’ operation, that maybe he was poisoned or strangled.
“Hmmm Thank God there is nothing like Cultism in this our Campus” the guy sitting beside me said.
I looked at him, kept mute and recalled my encounters with the “Lion Kings”
1:18pm. IJ Hostel.
I headed to my hostel where I met another mystery, as I approached my hostel I heard some noises “IJ ooo…” “IJ ooo…”which wasn’t a new thing; My hostel was known to be the noisiest in Campus.
When I entered I saw a crowd in front of J wing, many people had their hands on their heads, why others shook their heads.
I enquired what was happening from my roommate Paul, who I saw among the crowd “one Law student like that just committed suicide, his name is Theo” he replied.
“what?” “How e take happen?.
“Guy I no know o” “I heard he jumped from 400 series (i.e 5th floor).
“Jesus Christ!”
7:17pm (IJ, Room I102)
I was with my roommates in our room discussing the recent deaths.
“I wonder what could make somebody take his/her own life” said Paul.
“Honestly, the thing annoys me, nothing would ever make me commit suicide” I added.
“Guys it’s not like that oo, you guys haven’t suffered from depression. That’s why you are talking like that” Grat Argued. 
“Grat forget that thing!, which depression?, which depression would make you end your life?”
“I don’t know, all I know is that none of us know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. And most of these victims of suicide never believed they would ever commit suicide.
“Yes, Grat you are right. But guys, What if…what if these were no suicides?”
“Val what are you talking about? Paul asked.
” I mean what if they didn’t kill them selves? What if someone else kill them and made it look like it was suicide?”
          Theo Side of the story (A day earlier)
Thursday, 12:12am
“Oh God! What have I done?, Barcer why?” “What kind of devil is this?” “How am I going to pay this Departmental due, before my exam tomorrow?” “Fvck!, Can’t believe Barca tore my ticket”……
To be continued………stay tuned.
7 DAYS (Fiction + Non fiction)
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A story written by Azuka Valentine Chizoba
#Chronicles of Valcee.
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