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Sunday Rants by Val #33

#Sunday Rants…
What is rotational confusion?..
Am in love with you, you are in love with another person, that is also in love with someone who is in love
with me…
Chai group of confused people.πŸ˜‚
Witchcraft is when your girlfriend starts to argue with a bouncer at a
Night club and End’s up saying “My boyfriend is not afraid of you”🌚😏
Today I overheard some girls mocking and gossiping guys for having 3–4 boxers
As if they know how much one boxers cost
Some girls seff will be boasting that they have 10 to 15 pant
Today we will solve the maths, 1 pant (best quality ) =
One boxers =700 (700Γ—4)=2800
Problem solved our four boxers can buy you over 30 pantsπŸ˜’
Guys I hope una dee my back?😌
The girl i toasted since last year just accepted me yesterday, telling me i will be her Val.
Well i agreed, i so much love the girl, i even have surprise package for her.
Will take her to shoprite, tell her to close her eyes nd wen she did i will just leave her nd run away.😹
Pls dnt tell her o, I wantu surprise her😎
Pls kindly ignore any news or rumor of me coming out for SUG PRESIDENTIAL erection hmmm sorry election in 2019.
I have not declared my intentions yet, they are still begging me.😁
I hate seeing elderly people stand in a
commercial bus while am sitting down. As a good Boy I’m, I will just close my eyes like am sleeping.
I know the same God that gave INEC my phone number will still give them my account number.
thank God girls dosnt grow beards cus if they grow beards They will still shave it and draw it again
Yeye children
If you keep noticing how stingy people are, it means you beg alot.

*Do you have money?*
*Iji ego?*

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