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Why REAL MADRID is the Biggest Football Club in the World

Real Madrid is the biggest football club in the world when it comes to branding,legacy,global stardom,political power,achievements,trophies especially the UEFA Champions League, the best and greatest footballers, revenue generated,class, you name them. That’s why players find it impossible to say NO when contacted by the Spanish giants. What most people fail to understand about Los Blancos is that they’ve both financial and political power backing them. No wonder a defender like Sergio Ramos easily gets away with his violent tackles. Funny enough before Ramos became the player with the most red cards,there was former teammate Pepe.

When you’re signed by Madrid,you instantly get the fame,the fans,celebrity status,lots of money; what am I even saying? Once an ordinary footballer gets linked to Real Madrid,the player’s life changes from that moment. That’s how big Real Madrid FC has become since they started upgrading their football brand with *Galatico* signings of global football stars like kaka,Beckham,CR7,Gareth Bale,Ozil,James Rodriguez and many more.

Real Madrid is no doubt one of the greatest and powerful football club in the world. Also one of the top 3 richest in World Football; their stadium Santiago Bernabeu has been home to many footballing greats like kaka,Di Stefano,Casillas,Brazilian Ronaldo,Luis Figo,Raul,Ruud Van Nistelrooy,
Zidane,Puskas,David Beckham,Arjen Robben,Cristiano Ronaldo and many more legendary sportsmen.

You been linked to Madrid,your market value increases X3. You finally join your new teammates at the Santiago,you become a celebrity. *To reach the top in football,you must play for Real Madrid* said Ex-Barcelona and Ex-Real Madrid forward Luis Figo. If an average footballer starts playing extraordinarily, just know Real Madrid scouts are already striking a deal with the player’s agent. For the past 10 years and counting,if you don’t play for either Real Madrid or Barcelona: You cannot become the greatest. Now that’s the good part.

Here’s the bitter part: If you don’t perform accordingly to the Board’s and Coach’s expectation,you are thrown out. Even if you succeed,helping Madrid win numerous trophies,become Legendary status; once the Board thinks you’re no more useful to them,Real Madrid offloads you unceremoniously. That’s Hala Madrid for you😎.

Madrid are known to *not give proper farewell* to their departing players who have achieved so much achievements and won numerous trophies playing for them. No player is bigger than a club,but successful players are meant to be appreciated in grand style especially those who gave all for their club.
When former Real Madrid and Spain captain Iker Casillas was about leaving the Bernabeu to Porto,we all were shocked with the absence of a ceremony for the legendary goalkeeper.
Arch rivals Barcelona normally hold a ceremony for their outgoing successful players/Legends (in which the player jersey👕 is worn by the fans,his name chanted🎶,the outgoing player takes photos📷 with the trophies🏆 won during his time with the club and his teammates publicly wish him farewell and other thank you messages) but at Madrid that never happens.

Even when global Superstar and current all time leading goalscorer⚽ of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving to Juventus,no grand style farewell for their legend considering his 9 years with them scoring a total of 450 goals. Only a statement on their website thanking him for his time with them. Immediately Ronaldo landed in Turin,Real Madrid unfollowed him from their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account which later Ronaldo did same. His picture was also removed from Madrid’s dressing room the very day he left Spain. His pictures and videos are gradually been removed completely from Real Madrid’s website.
But his former club Manchester United still follow their iconic no.7 up till this day.

Reports suggest Ronaldo received this bitter treatment due to his falling out with Club President Florentino Perez. Many CR7 fans claim the Portuguese was robbed of the Ballon D’or which his former club teammate Luka Modric won.

Ronaldo also lost the FIFA Best player Award to the same Modric after he joined Juventus. Adding to that,a rape allegation popped up against him as soon as he started playing for Juventus. A case resolved and hidden under the rugs since his days at the Spanish capital.

Well Ronaldo is not the first neither will he become the last Real Madrid Legend to not be given a grand style farewell by Los Blancos. Other Legends have had similar treatment after cutting ties with Madrid.

But as years go by,Real Madrid give their ex-player their appropriate recognition. Only when the footballer stops playing for a rival club to them or better still retires. Madrid Legend Di Stefano was given his own recognition at old age. Casillas plays currently for FC Porto which may become a rival to Madrid in the Champions League. Ronaldo plays now for Juventus who are Champions League favorites this year. Probably Madrid would not like to celebrate a footballer who currently is playing for another club especially the one scoring goals for them. So Ronaldo may probably get his grand style recognition when he retires or better still play for a club not capable of playing against Madrid in any competition.

Don’t forget: Celebrated Barca legends Iniesta,Xavi,Puyol and Mascherano all after leaving Camp Nou either moved to a Chinese club(or a club outside Europe’s top 5) or better still hung up their boots.

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