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Sunday Rants by Val #23

#Sunday Rants…
That awkward moment, you feel so broke that you start searching all your trousers’ pocket.☹
That awkward moment you snapped a studio pix of 5K, post it online only to get 3 likes
Awkward moment:
She actually wanted to post “my boo is so sweet”
But mistakenly posted “my poo is so sweet”‍♂
I was going on my own o…when I heard one eyed guy toasting a babe and he was like…
“…Babe look me in the eyes…”
The girl was like “which eyes”?路‍♂路‍♂
Qst: Y do mosquitoes sing to your ear?
Ans: to know if you have slept so as to balance well and suck your blood. (Nyuo GI ikpakwu)
When I say “No Condition is Permanent” I mean it, because even a new Generator that sounds like  Simi will one day
sound like Terry G.
Am I d only one noticing
IPhone users act like they don’t have pocket or bags.
Wetin concern me self!‍♂‍♂
The pot holes on Nigeria roads are so so big dat you can even see them on the map.‍♂‍‍♂
If you see a pregnant woman spitting , just know dat her baby has farted.廊
Wisdom we not kill me.
If Ur Girl Friend Is Very Cute And U Are Really Proud Of Her… Kindly Drop Her Number, Let Me Thank Her For
Taking Good Care And For Loving U.
What are friends for?
My relationship is moving well, i am thinking of opening a branch at Aba
Guys what do you think?
Marrying a fat girl is all good and romantic until you carried her and drop on the bed then the bed divides like red sea
A good wife should always be like- welcome darling, food is ready.
Will you eat before eating or will you eat before you eat.
If you know you know
At times i will just wear my finest clothes look my self in the mirror, then go back to my bed and start shedding tears of joy, because Money go fit me
She told me over the phone that she is feeling cold….
I went to a Chemist and get her some ROBB.
#Happy New Months Guys.


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