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Sunday Rants by Val #20

#Sunday Rant…
Pls nobody I repeat nobody should send me Christmas tree this Christmass. If u cant send me money hold ur tree. I am not a Monkey.
Christmas is approaching nd some girls will apologize for what they didnt even do. They will be like… Baby i’m sorry for what Chelsea did to Man city.
I am sorry your bet cut
I just saw my shoe Mender on the street today wearing the shoes I gave him to repair and
I asked him why He said they’re on road test
Wat finishes data anyhow in Nigeria is Amebor U will want to view everything they update wit ur Big eyes like Segun Arinze
Dear Ladies,
A man will still marry
you even if you cannot
May I not be that man in
Jesus’ Name.
“I dnt look when guys call me by shouting heeys heeys” that was how one lady like that is still single and she is forty now
“Don’t Chase after it, Let it Come to You.”
Nah So Jollof Rice No Come Reach My
Hand yesterday for wedding i attended.
Lagos conductor no dey gree carry fat women
Fat Woman: conductor where una dey go?
Conductor: we no dey go anywhere….Cele!…Cele!!
Fat woman: me sef na cele i dey go
Conductor: I said we no dey go anywhere!
Right now,  I just  wana stop cheating and focus on my 16 girlfriends.
To all the fat guys in the building this December is your season, you aint useless after all. Schools will still hire you for *Father Christmas*
Apart from the Sun what else rises in the morning?.
*The best way to predict future is to create it*


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