Why most people love Football

Ever wonder why FIFA and PES videogames are greatly demanded,its due to the sensation produced by the game of football. 

There’s the green field,the ball,the superstars,the dribbles,passes,saves and most importantly the goals. Football temporary takes our mind off personal problems at least from the start of the game to the final whistle. Whether its a video game or a live match,our worries are temporary shifted aside,if you or your team eventually win,the happiness might last a whole day but defeat has a very negative effect to some football fans especially those who gamble matches for money. Symptoms include loss of appetite,anger,depression,bitterness etc.

But those who’s main focus is on the entertaining aspect of the game,enjoy the moment. These fans understand Football is only a passionate game, you win some,you lose some and you draw some. The better team wins at the end of the day. Football unites people from different countries,races together thanks to the world cup and club football. People from different countries now play and support a football club though the issue of racism still needs to be eradicated completely.

Thanks to the media,Football is now a global affair. The Barclay’s Premier league is one of the most exciting league in the world. Normal players are made famous superstars in the La Liga,thanks to giant clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid. Other leagues like SerieA,Bundesliga,ligue1 also display the love of the game called football. 

The Uefa Champions league brings football in its greatest form,battle of the best clubs and the best footballers and the best fans. The list of reasons why people love football is endless. For countries like Brazil,Spain,Argentina and Europe in general,Football is more of a culture turned business.


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