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Manchester UNITED and Manchester CITY playing opposite football

Considering both English clubs are massively funded,its normal for top class footballers,best managers and top quality football become present in these clubs. But when results become the opposite,there’s a huge problem. One club is attack minded,the other defense minded. One exciting to watch,the other most times feel boring to watch. The *noisy neighbors* vs the *red devils*.

The Citizens hired former Bayern Munich and Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola after getting investors to change the overall quality of the club,these changes brought in the likes of Chelsea outcast Debruyne,Leroy Sane from Schalke04,Stones from Everton,Otamendi from Valencia,Real Madrid outcast Danilo,Brazil goalkeeper Ederson,Delph from Aston Villa,Mendy and Bernando Silva from Monaco,Walker from Spurs,Gabriel J from local Brazilian club,Sterling from Liverpool before the arrivals of Riyad Mahrez from Leicester. These new signings saw the departures of England no.1 Joe Hart,Zabaleta,Yaya toure,Iheanacho and Clichy.

The new Manchester city under Pep has won the Premier league in his second season as well as their first trophy under Pellegrini after Aguero’s last minute goal and other local trophies. Their main focus now is the Champions league. City is one of the most feared club in Europe,their goal threat is astonishing. The likes of Kun Aguero,Sane,magician David Silva,Sterling and co. Last season Debruyne was at the peak of his game. Mendy and Walker are the best LB and RB for me in the Premier league, just like what Pep did with Alaba and kimmich at Bayern;their work rate is wonderful,they provide crosses in the opponent’s box. City is more of a perfect team though their kryptonite is Klopp’s Liverpool.

To the other side of Manchester or some call it the Red side of Manchester is the Old Trafford. The theater of dreams where football greats like Owen,Cantona,George Best,Rooney,Beckham,Giggs,Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo were made. Manchester United is currently and for the last 5 years the *richest* football club in the world boasting with the likes of signing Paul Pogba,yet nothing to show for it after the Alex Ferguson era. Coaches have tried and failed yet little or no improvement. United currently coached by Jose Mourinho whom some call *the specialist in failure*,others claim his tactics and philosophy are outdated. For me he makes United look boring unlike Pep’s exciting feeling when City play. *Back the Bus* is the normal order of the day when things get tough at United. 

Considering the club has Alexis Sanchez,De Gea,Mata,Ashley Young,Luke Shaw,Martial,more is expected. Most United fans and past players have no faith in striker Lukaku. The club has managed to put up impressive games recently so all is forgotten at the moment but when things fall apart again,both coach and some players alike will be looking towards the exit door. 

Manchester United have the power both financially and technically to match and compete with City,the whole team needs to step up,not only relying on Paul Pogba,De Gea,Mata,super sub Fellaini or in-form Martial or Lingard to create a miracle. United should also improve in their player signings. The most successful club in the history of the Barclay’s Premier league is Manchester United, but they currently don’t act like it.

Manchester City is now even more deadly without Aguero starting,its like switching from a non-stop pistol to an all-fire machine gun.

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