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MARVEL Infinity War outshines DC again

April 27th of 2018 is definitely going to be one of the best if not the best day in the history of Marvel. MARVEL is one of the best Superhero-Movie🎬brand in the world as well as DC. 
For me “Marvel Cinematic productions definitely rocks better than DC’s,but DC knocks out Marvel in terms of fight-scenes,Animated Series,TV series,Comics and Videogames”.
We all know Marvel’s AVENGERS Infinity war going to be a big hit in the Box office as well as being one of the best movies for a very long time. 
The movie has all it takes to outshine all DC movies put together; talk about the storyline-“so Epic”,the cast-“amazing”,the hype-“out of this world”,the half billion views-per-trailer-“including the trailer at the super bowl event”,the action scenes-“just electrifying”,the suits”that of Thanos,Stark and Spiderman” and finally the mashing up of Superheroes”far more interesting than DC’s Justice league”.
Just days after released Blockbuster Movie BLACK PANTHER hit 1billion dollars in the movie industry, Upcoming movie INFINITY WAR definitely going to break the Record in SECONDS after its release in Cinemas across the globe.
Avengers Infinity War is mainly about Thanos a very powerful man who sets to destroy half of planet Earth with the help of a golden Gauntlet containing infinity stones,each special stone with its own unique powers. The Avengers must unite to stop this monster. 
The cast consists of your regular appearing heroes like Iron Man,Captain America,Hulk,Black widow,Thor,Scarlet witch as well as Dr.Strange,Black panther,Spiderman,Guardians of the Galaxy,Ant-Man and many more. 
INFINITY WAR is going to be one of the best movies🎬 the world will watch. Lots of new suits for Iron Man,Spiderman;a new vibranium shield for Captain America and more.
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