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STORY: 7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) E02

I struggle not for the Lilly in the water
Just so, I don’t get drown for it.
– Ikise Atabang






… On arriving at the ATM stand, I met a middle aged man who I guessed would be in his late 60s dashing off.

He couldn’t even give a perfunctory reply to my greetings. I wondered what kind of business he was into, or, was it an emergency, maybe, a case of a close relative in the hospital? Well who knows?

I proceeded to insert my card only to discover that there was a card inside. My eyes caught what was written on the ATM screen,

“Do you wish to perform another transaction?”

It was then reality hit me; The man had forgotten his ATM card in the machine and the bank was yet to open, I recalled hearing the man zoom off in his SUV after slamming the door of his car,shut.

I didn’t know what prompted me press “YES” button. It gave the usual response,

“please insert your pin” So many number combinations crossed my mind and I pressed ‘four zeros’.

“Incorrect pin”. I thought for few seconds, removed the card, checked the 16 digits at the back of the card and decided to use the last four digits.

Just like magic it worked! My heart skipped as I stared at the options glaring at me. I clicked the “Check balance” button and was marveled at what I saw. The man’s bank account was housing exactly 5 million Naira. I was trembling and sweating at the same time. Different thoughts acrossed my mind.

“Val, you don blow. Withdraw some cash and go”,
“Go with the card”,
“No, just withdraw and leave the card there”. And of course the other calm voice;
“Val, don’t withdraw from the account, it’s not yours”.

I yielded to the first and made withdrawal of 50k. I was all smiles as I heard the shuffling sound of the ATM counting the cash. Then the money came out. I was about collecting it when I felt a heavy knock on my head,

“Is this real?” I thought, I felt another one and turned. Lo and behold it was the angry and ugly face of my roommate, Paul.

“Guy you dey mad o, why you dey smile for sleep? You dey toast girl bah?, Or girl dey toast you? Abeg get up, remember you talk say you wan go bank early. Guy go withdraw and give me that my money, I no get shi shi again. Buy 1 carton of noodles too”.

“So it was only a dream?” I hissed and got down from my bed.

Few minutes later, I was already my way out to withdraw, the dream still playing on my mind.

Getting to the ATM booth, I saw a beautiful fair slim girl leaving in a hurry. She was the perfect description of my kind of woman. She wore a red Man Utd jersey on top of a  tight blue jeans, with a pair of matching sneakers. Oh! My love for fair girls

“Hi, hope the ATM is paying?” She ignored me. Her perfume filled my nostrils as I turned to take a survey of her backside which wasn’t too big but well shaped and curved. What a wonderful creature!

I was about inserting my card when I noticed a card was still inside. I guessed it belonged to the girl that just left. Momentarily,  I remembered my dream. Was this a dream come true?

The bank was yet to open too. By my time band, it was 7:16am. I removed the card, inserted mine and made a withdrawal. I decided to wait hoping that the girl would come back or at least that any of the security guards working at the bank would resume so I could hand the card over.

After waiting for about fifteen minutes, a Lexus Jeep halted in front of me and the girl alighted with someone who stood leaning against the car. He wore dark shades and I couldn’t see his eyes but I was sure he was looking at me. The girl approached me.

“Hi, you’re still here. Thank God”, she murmured.
“Hello”, I responded. I wasn’t comfortable with the guy on dark shades.

“Please I forgot my ATM card and I’m certain you must have found it”, She said with every certainty.

“Yeah and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I decided to wait a bit” I said bringing out the ATM card from my wallet.

“You were hoping I would come back for it so you could use the opportunity to talk to me right?”
‘I like this girl’ I said in mind and laughed.

“Well thanks” she said smiling. She looked at me in a way that seemed she was expecting me to say something.
“Well Amaka, you got me and here we are talking” I replied her.

“This should be enough. Hand over the card, I have to leave now”. She said extending her palm which was very tender and smooth.
“Not too fast baby” I held her palm.

The guy in dark shades made to approach us but she signaled him off. My morale which was at an all time low, increased. “Who is he?” I enquired.

“My driver and body guard, so you better respect your self and give me the Card now.” She said smiling.

“Or what will happen, Amaka?”
“What’s your name? I know you got my name off my ATM card” She asked ignoring my question.
“Valentine but you can call me your Val”

“You’re crazy. See Val I know you want to talk to me but it’s still early in the morning and there is someplace I have to go. Don’t you have anything doing this morning?”  She asked with a serious look.

“Well there’s nothing more serious than talking to you right now” I said in a flirty way, licking my lips.

“Na Dem!” She said smiling.
“So you speak pidgin? I asked her surprised.
“O si gini? Before nko? Do I look like a foreigner?”

“I didn’t know beautiful girls like you do speak pidgin. Here, you can have your card”

I handed her the card and we bade good bye, but that was not without exchanging contacts.

To be continued…

Edited by:
Anastasia C. Nwoye
Ekweh Christian

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