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STORY: 7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) E01

7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) S01E01
I struggle not for the Lilly in the water
Just so, I don’t get drown for it.
– Ikise Atabang
UNEC, Enugu.
Wattpad username: [AzukaValcee]
It took me two years after high school, to gain admission to study Environmental Engineering at the prestigious University of Nigeria. That was not my dream course but I had no option. My mum had almost given up. It was no surprise that she insisted I accepted the option. She hated seeing me at home, idle and frustrated.
“Please let’s settle down, the lecturer would be joining us shortly. Do remember the meeting scheduled immediately after this lecture…” 
Chinagorom, The Assistant Class Representative was saying. I remembered my first encounter with her during my clearance. I had wanted to borrow her biro because mine suddenly stopped working. She had two biros with her but wouldn’t give me one. She said I should have known I was supposed to come with one. I wanted to tell her that I came with mine and that it had just stopped working but decided against it.
I had no idea she was my Assistant Class Rep. Since then we had come across each other many times; in the canteen, lecture halls but had never spoken to each other. So, I decided to talk to her that day. As it’s not in my nature to keep grudges. I prefer having friends to keeping enemies. 
After the class meeting, I approached her and said, “hi” She responded quite well. She even knew my name and I was surprised. When I asked how she knew my name she only laughed and asked me if I had forgotten she was the Assistant Class Rep.
I seized the opportunity to tell her how I felt towards her, which was merely in response to the manner she treated me the other day. I told her I thought she was rude.
However, it so happened that I was wrong, and I apologised to her. She apologized too stating that it was because she had lost so many a pen during clearance to people who would always borrow her biro and disappear without returning it.
She excused her self saying she needed to meet our Course Advisor so that he could effect changes necessitated by some clashes on our timetable. We exchanged contact and she left.
One of my classmate approached me.
“Guy that babe like you oo”. He said with every seriousness.
“Why do you say so?” I asked surprised.
“Because I know”, He wiped his face with his handkerchief.
“And how did you know that?” I asked suddenly picking interest in the discussion.
“I know when a girl likes someone, what with the way she looks at you. Guy, I have caught her many times starring at you”. He said smiling.
“Ah! Are you a monitoring spirit? Are you trailing me or what?” I asked laughing.
“No bro, actually I’m trailing her. I like her”,
“Oh, I see. Talk to her then. Trust me, she’s nice”. I advised him.
“Nope. Her eyes are on someone else”, With that he left.
I thought about what he told me, 
“Could it be possible that the girl liked me?”
Yes she is very beautiful and thick, very sexy too. I have made eye contacts with her so many times but I didn’t get the feeling that she was interested in me. Of course people do look at each other and she wasn’t the only one I have had eye contacts with. So I didn’t take it serious. Moreover, there was this particular guy in my class she was always seen with. Surely, that someone else couldn’t be me.
My phone chimed. I checked and it was Cynthy my babe. I had been friends with Cynthy for 2 years and we were very close. We met online on a social media platform, 2go, and from there we exchanged contacts. Since then it’s been as if we’re dating. 
I had asked her out severally over the phone but she had said we needed to meet before she accepts. It also happened that she got admission before I did and thus was a year ahead of me. I was very happy to have gained admission in the same University as she was, though it wasn’t to study my dream course.
We were supposed to meet that day after our lectures for the first time and I believed that was why she called. I picked the call and she told me where to meet her.
Few hours later, I was going to my lodge after my meeting with Cynthy. It was wonderful to have finally met her. She was very happy to see me and so was I. She looked as beautiful and fair as she was on the pictures she had sent me and she was very funny too. I had a good time with her. 
I asked her out on a date and she accepted. We would be going out soon. I was lost in these thoughts when two guys blocked my path.
We stared at each other for some seconds before I finally spoke. “How may I help you guys?” They laughed.
“Mr helper…” one of them said and they continued laughing. I turned to leave, but one of them held my shirt and dragged me back. I was infuriated.
“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked trying to disentangle my shirt from his grip.
“Sorry fine boy, na message we wan deliver”, I looked at them wondering what kind of message it was they had for me.
“Message? Do you even know me?” I asked, confusion written all over my face.
He ignored my question. “Well our message is simple. Val, Our boss here says make you clear way for him via Cynthia. Cynthia na him chikito”. He said pointing at the other guy.
I wondered how they got to know my name. I had not seen any of them before and here they were telling me to leave Cynthia for a certain boss. What nonsense!
“I don’t understand anything you guys just said and I don’t know any Cynthia you guys are talking about neither am I in the way of your so-called boss”. I said with a serious look.
The so-called boss brought out his phone, scrolled through it and showed me Cynthy’s picture. I swallowed hard.
“Stay away from her!” They left. I heard one of them say to the guy that seemed to be the boss.
“Ijabu, we suppose show him metal nau…” I memorized the name. I didn’t need any body to explain that statement for me. They had gun!, I was terrified. Did I just encountered cultists? I have heard so many terrible stories about victims of cultists. I felt goosebumps all over, but I wasn’t ready to leave Cynthy for a certain Ijabu, the so-called boss.
When I got home I gave Cynthy a call and asked her if she had any boyfriend to which she replied no and enquired to know why I asked, I wanted to tell her about my encounter with some strange dudes but decided against it.
I told her I only wanted to know. I was still on the phone with Cynthy when Paul, my roommate entered looking sad so I ended the call.
“Paulo what’s up nau? This one your face is like this”, I asked him stroking my tiny beards.
“Nnaa guy, it’s nothing my department just dey frustrate person anyhow”. He said yawning.
He went to the kitchen to prepare some noodles.
“Guy our noodles don finish oo, we need to buy another one tomorrow you know I can’t do without them”.
He shouted from the kitchen.
“No problem, maybe tomorrow”.
“Remember say you dey owe me ba?” He told me for the third time that day. 
I don’t really like owing people but the ATM in school had refused to dispense cash. But I must make sure I withdraw tomorrow even if it meant going outside school to do so.
My lodge was quite within the school premises and I had always made my withdrawals from the ATMs in school without any hitch. Today proved to be an exception.
To be continued….
Next Episode drops on Sunday.
Edited by:
Anastasia C. Nwoye
Ekweh Christian.


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