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VAL: Sunday Rants #76 (Comedy)

Sunday Rants…

• This Corona shit don give some dude excuses…Ask them if they went to Church and they’ll be like “Nooo We’re on quarantine nah” 😎

Shut up oga as if you dey go b4🌚😏😒

• Abeg if I marry how long am I suppose to open door for her B4 I stop?🤔🌚

• Did you know?…
The way you see your phone without
data is the way people see you without money.😎

• If you have mouth odour
and you put on nose mask…
You’ll enjoy the fruit of your labour.🤣😹

• Hehehehe….if I want to cause commotion now..
I’ll buy a big loud trumpet
enter helicopter and blow it.😂🌚

• Please while praying for
those in prison, remember
those wearing engagement
ring for 5 to 8 years now.
Who slapped me?😩

• Hanty before You Hand Over Your Breast
To Any Man, First Check How he licks orange biko.🌚😅

• Nawa for this my neighbor ooo
She just asked me once if I wan eat.
I said no and she kept quiet.
So she didnt know she suppose ask me twice?😩😞

• Just because I wanted to see if the i-phone
will size my pocket; one idiot started shouting “Thief!”🤷🏾‍♂🌚

• People will always pronounce “Nurse”as “ners” even as “ness” until there’s an emergency in the hospital.
You’ll start hearing “Norsuu…. Nursu ooo…”

• Some guys are very successful because they have more than one girl praying for them.
Prayer points in different locations.😎
Who’s with me?🤔😅

• Any day I enter flight I must use the toilet.
I’ve always wondered what shiting on air ‘ld be like.😌🤔

Happy Sunday


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