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Poetry Friday Line 37: PRESSURIZED

Poetry Friday Line 37: PRESSURIZED

Finally, I can’t keep quiet anymore
But to shout out my long kept Fears
I am broken and shattered
My relationship life is getting worse each day
Ikise Atabang is under deep pressure
Why are you all offended in me?

Also, my relationship graph is discouraging
It’s getting to the origin every second
My life is messed up completely
Every girl wants a relationship
And I’ve only become an addict
See, again, I am under deep pressure.

Just a mere pleasantry
They are seeing a long great journey ahead
Just one phone call
They are already yelling for consistency
Expecting a process in the sudden
But this is pressure on my own part.

Their Ears are very sensitive
Every word to them conveys and emotional meaning
Each favor you do to them is romantic
The atmosphere smells love always
And your presence becomes their meal
But these still bring about this unnecessary pressure.

Lay down the pressure
Let this distraction be cut  off
For I have a billion and hundred things on my head
And I’m just a lonely being
Who is hungry for a confidant
But not all this unnecessary relationship pressure!

Ikise Atabang

Exclusive Interview featuring Mr Fabsa

Meet UNEC’s Mr Fabsa…300L Accounting student with passion for helping people. He’s also the 2nd born in a family of 10. (8 children: 4 boys and 4 girls).

NZD: Let’s know you?
My name is Anakor Miracle. Am an indegene of Anambra State (Umunya L.G.A.) 300L Accounting student from the University of Nigeria,Enugu Campus.

NZD: Your Hobbies?
Anakor: Reading,Playing videogames (especially PES) and helping mankind.

NZD: what lead you into studying the course “Accounting”?
Anakor: Well,my parents wanted me to become an Engineer but I have this passion for “studying how money works” and “how money can be used to help people”. 

NZD: Your role models?
Anakor: Barack Obama,Jeff Becoz,Jack Ma,Bill Gates,AliBaba and all working individuals.

NZD: Where do you see yourself next 5 years?
Anakor: By God’s grace,next 5 years…I want to be able to sleep comfortably each night knowing I’ve made impact to the whole universe.

NZD: Who you shouting-out to?
Anakor: I’m shouting-out to all 021 NUASA class and my fellow FABSITES. 

NZD: Name of Football club you support?
Anakor: I’m a Liverpool fan. I love the club,the players,the coach,their style of play. 

Was once a Manchester United fan,then later moved to Arsenal then Barcelona before currently supporting Liverpool FC

NZD: From your appearance,you look like a model?
Anakor: Not yet into modeling as a profession but I plan to in coming days. I love modeling and smiling for the camera.

NZD: Involved in any sport activity?
Anakor: I play football but as a goalkeeper. The last time I was between the sticks was 6yrs ago. Since then,am more involved in football through PES and watching Live matches.

NZD: who’s your favorite footballer?
Anakor: For me,Mohamed Salah. His left-foot is superb.

NZD: Is Salah the best footballer in the world?
Anakor: No..the best is Lionel Messi with no doubt! But Salah for me,is the best footballer in the Premier league.

NZD: iphone or Samsung?
Anakor: I prefer Samsung. Their company provides more quality phones with fair prices.

NZD: Secret of your hair?
Anakor: I normally use a relaxer called *RELAX*.
I’m advertising them sha 😁

NZD: Many girls would like to know if you’re dating?
Anakor: Funny enough I currently have no girlfriend yet. But it’s mainly due to one of my most painful experience I faced during SS3;the death of my last girlfriend. Since then I haven’t dated since the void her death left in my heart.

I am always an open person to my very best to meet with people.

Word of Advice from Mr Fabsa: 

“People who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds need never to worry about what the future has in store for them”

“If there is one secret of success, it lies in the ability to see something from the other person’s point of view as well from yours”
Stay Safe everyone from the Desk of Mr Fabsa.

Mr Fabsa “Anakor Miracle” is also coming out for the post of *FABSA Faculty President* with vision of reforming the whole faculty,renovations,making FABSA more like home for everyone and many more plans.

He also has dreams of becoming a multi-billionaire at a very young age,just like his role-models and wishes his dream for everyone too.
His dream is to help lots of people through the study of business.

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