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TIFE: By HOOK or CROOK #6 (Story)


My flight was booked for 7am and I had to make it there before 6:30am which means I had to wake up at exactly 4:30am if I didn’t want to be late. I woke up 4:30 as planned and did all I had intended to do and finished at 6:00am. Surprisingly, Sasha had shown up at my doorstep at that same time. She came according to her to give me moral support as she knew that I couldn’t ‘survive without her’. She drove me to my office and we said quick goodbyes to each other.

  Two hours later, I found myself in a private jet side by side with my boss and we were on our way to Abuja. He didn’t even bother making small talks with me, he just concentrated on his sports newspaper which was most definitely fine with me. “I’ll like to see the minutes of the meeting we had yesterday. I presume you have it with you?”. Yes sir I actually do, I said a little taken aback by the sudden request of his.

Luckily for me, I had typed it before I left the office the previous day and put it in the handbag I carried now. I began searching my bag frantically when something fell out from it. I was going to pick it up later, I just need to find the document I wanted to give to him. ‘So you carry a condom with you wherever you go’. I’m not sure if that was meant to be a question or a comment but what confused me more was what could have possibly triggered it. ‘Sir?’, I inquired. He bent down and picked the item that has fell out of my bag and I didn’t bother checking and lo and behold, it turned out to be a condom. My face flushed in embarrassment as he handed it back to me. I was confused at first but then things became crystal clear to me. Sasha must have put it in my handbag while I wasn’t looking. She was going to get a tongue lashing from me much later but right now I needed to save myself this embarrassment.

‘No sir, it’s actually my friend who put it in my bag’. He leaned in to me and signalled that I should also lean in closer to him which I did. ‘I’m happy to see you’re quite prepared for the job and I didn’t make the wrong choice picking you as my personal assistant’. I was in a total state of confusion and disarray. This was the same man who embarrassed me the day I came to his office indecently dressed and now this is what he was saying to me. Could it be that he was just being hypocritical or I was misunderstanding what he was trying to say to me?

(Story-series by Tife)
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