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Sunday Rants by Val #72

#Sunday Rants…

β€’ Sometimes it is not the Tailor’s fault..
My sister you just don’t have the same shape as the lady on the catalogueπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚πŸŒš

β€’ Chai my landlord daughter just stated vomiting yesterday.
I feel like traveling bcos I don’t like seeing
people sick.πŸŒšπŸ˜’

β€’ Btw Weed smokers and
lizzards, Who own’s an Uncompleted

β€’ In secondary school, teachers be like “Don’t worry if you get to the university they will explain it better to you.”
Now in university lecturers be like “You have been taught in your secondary school…”πŸ˜•

β€’ Sometimes I fill like getting a girl and settling down for the rest of my live but the problem is who will take care of other girls? Who?πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™‚πŸŒš

β€’ What can a man do to show his wife how angry he is with her?
Don’t tell me to reject her food oo
Help a brother.😎

β€’ I don’t like short boys but
You’re crushing on Wizkid and Davido. The thunder wey go fire you eeh…πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜‚

β€’ I saw a friend I hadn’t seen for years now and I think he mistook me for Jesus… He was like, ‘Jesus Christ.. Is this
Guys,Do I look like Jesus?πŸŒšπŸ’πŸΎβ€β™‚

β€’ U said washing machine makes ur wife Lazy and you’re riding a car.
Trek na, strong Man.🀣

β€’ All those people that will buy jollof rice and insist that stew must be added to it are part of the problem we have in AfricaπŸ™„

β€’ School na scam abi? just
to fill bank teller you’re sweating. You’re writing Eleventeen Thousand one hundred and onety one.😹

β€’ Everyday you dey screenshot clothes and shoes, My sister when you go buy dem?🀣

β€’ I swear, The only reason I will spend 20k On a date is if the babe come with 19k.🌚😎

β€’ Hi guys please kindly pray for me, I think I have eye problem B’cos any time I close my eyes I can’t see anything.πŸ˜«πŸ˜’

β€’ Forget drugs,
There’re some sickness that only credit alert heals. Are u with me?😎

#Happy Sunday


Exclusive featuring MARANATHA

NZD: Info about yourself?
Maranatha: My name is Okwor, Maranatha Isioma. I’m a 400l Law student of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

I hail from Obukpa, Nsukka LGA, Enugu State. I reside in Zonkwa, Kaduna State with my family. I’m the 4th of six children. My hobbies are politicking, surfing. I love to know a bit of everything that doesn’t concern my field. I love trying out something new, they call it risk taking. There’s no harm in trying, you know… My favourite football club is Chelsea FC.

NZD: What do you do aside academics?
Maranatha: Aside academics, I do politics. I love politics. People see it as a game, some view it as a competition. Some others say it’s waste of time. But to me, I see it as medium to set pace. To represent people and make the world a better place.

NZD: Meaning of the name “Maranatha”
Maranatha: The name is a Biblical name which means “Come, Lord Jesus”

NZD: If you become the next SUG president,what will be your contribution to UNEC
Maranatha: For safety purposes and also to ensure that the need for people to attend my manifesto on the 2nd of March, I’d not be disclosing my agenda and plans for UNEC. I enjoin all readers of this message to make out time and come to UNEC come Monday 2nd March, it’d be am eye-opener. That said we should do this bearing in mind that my plans are not only novel but also geared towards the betterment of students welfare in UNEC.

NZD: There’s a popular notion in UNEC that “Law students are VERY PROUD peoplepeople” …what’s your say on that and your reason
Maranatha: Lol… Yeah, it’s true they say Law students are very proud people. I also heard same before I got into the university. Actually, it’s half truth, I must say. Reasons being that, the Law profession is seen as one of the noblest professions in the world, if not the noblest. Lawyers are referred to as Learned and not just educated. And I believe this is where the pride people say, comes in. It’s just a mere misconception that Lawyers are very proud people because they know the law. So Lawyers are not proud people. People misunderstand this because of the Law profession itself. That said, it is also important to not that pride is a relative concept and means different things to different people.

NZD: What motivated you to go for the SUG president post
Maranatha: Well, there’s not much to say here. Many things could motivate one into contesting for the office of the SUG President. For me it’s basically not so far fetched. I am motivated by the need to enhance students general welfare and also by the need to try out new approached ls to solving student problems and ultimately by the need to set up myself as a Sterling example of leadership.

NZD: Public figures you admire.
Maranatha: I think as far as Nigeria goes, I admire the Executive of Governor of Ebonyi State, “David Umahi”, I also am a huge fan of “President Donald Trump” amongst other visionaries all over the World.

NZD: If you weren’t in UNEC,which school would you like to have been?
Maranatha: University of Ibadan. It stands itself out as one of the best schools in Nigeria.

NZD: What do you have to say about tenure of the last SUG president
Maranatha: The “Onah Tochukwu Sylvester led administration!” Well, the basic thing about leadership generally is that when a new administration comes in, it is able to outdo the immediate past governments in terms of achievements. As the Bible rightly put “the glory of the latter days shall be better than the former”

The Administration made some Sterling achievements in terms of Students’ welfare and advanced the Aluta Movement. Suffice to say, the administration is not without it’s setbacks coupled with the school’s inability to hold an election for one calendar year compelling the Administration to serve two years in office.

NZD: Who you shouting out to?
Maranatha: My shout out goes to my family, day one friends, those who wish me well, people I look up to and of course, my fellow Student Politicians. 

NZD: Any message for NZDworld
Maranatha: Well, the art of blogging and information dissemination is not one that is easy or new to the world we are in right now. Basically I’d encourage the Administrators of “NZDworld” to keep up the good work they have already begun. Consistency is always key in all one does.

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