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• My Eyes on You 

I see you along the street
Your smile enchants me
Wherever we meet
Is where I want to be

Your eyes are heaven
Your body murders me
Your tears make heaven cry
Your beauty is all I see

You are a distraction
I’ve lost my focus
Your don’t want attention
But my eyes are on you

By Melissa Igwenwanne (Afe Babalola University)

• I Do Love You

……’s all I’m allowed to say…

In and out……no difference
Visible always, I’m seeing you….its all I wish…
It really flows….yes it does…… not mistaken….. your is my love…
All I ever did was love you……. In it I swim
It’s deep!!!
Yet I don’t drown …’s it possible…its not a thing of possibility….
Just love …..
I pull the strings of love ……you sing to my sound….
Doesn’t it sound nice….
Pull me to you…..
…go far you push me…..don’t you think I’m honest…
I wish I could pull it out and place it before you….
We could still make out…..

It’s a sand clock…..
Time is going far from both of us….
… are late …..
….there’s no love between me and you….you might have but…!
I’m now different…..
….. now I see you in my eyes….
So don’t lemme go far…..
…hold me tight……I’m growing back to you…..

      By Chinemerem.A (Ebonyi state University)


It’s love day
I never closed my eyes this last night
Like a security,
I lied still by your side
Constantly observing the clock
To see when the long and short hands
Would begin the rotation
So I could wake you up with a kiss
For it is love day!

It’s love day
The day of our anniversary
Wake up, O lovely one
Pick up the flower by your side
And wave it across your face
Allow it to speak love to you
For the world is waiting eagerly
To us see in the air
Holding hands together,
Fixing our lips in each other’s
And moving slowly with a dance step
In the center of the field
For we’ve been given the floor
On this love day.

It’s love day
Let every pain be forgotten
Let every wound be healed
And let every broken heart be made whole
Let’s have of replay of first days
When love was the driver
When we could stare at each other for long and never blinked
When 24 hours were never enough for us
And sunset never determined our dismissal
Let’s remember that atmosphere that had our hearts clogged together
And the romantic feelings that never assumed an end
Let’s revive love again
For it is love day
And so let love rule.
Happy love day!
-Ikise Atabang. (University of Nigeria)

• Love

Love is universal.
Love is a mysterious feeling.
Love is sweet. It’s like a medicine to our soul.
Love is blind. It could make you do what you never thought you’ld do.
Love is a wonderful feeling.
Love unconditionally.
Love genuinely.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Are all these true?

Can man really love unconditionally?
We always want something in return.
Our parents love us yet they expect something from us.
They want us to reciprocate their love.
To obey and respect them.
And take care of them.
Does that justify loving unconditionally?

God also…
…is love.
He loves us.
There’s no doubt about that.
…he want us to accept, love and obey him too.
“If you love me keep my commandments.”
Is that unconditional love?
I think You’re in a better position to answer that.
I can’t explain this sh!t called love.
Love can’t be described.
Should we stop loving?

Valcee [Honest Pen] (University of Nigeria)

• Mystery of Love
It was a mystery this love of a thing

In kindergarten we felt it when our heart beats a little quicker when the one passes,
when we were shy to be in the same class with the one

As time flew, our view of love changed

It became something one can’t do without. It had so much power that it could make or break someone.

Love, just like Infinity Stones of the Marvel Avenger series, could cause destruction when held by the wrong people.

So what is this love
I don’t know
Each and everyone has their different view of it
I see it as a paradox
But the next person may view it as a good thing or a bad thing.

But as you get entrapped into this feeling called LOVE, make sure you have a way out cause the modern stories of love all end in heartbreaks .

By Franklin Okeke [Yoghurt] (Nile University)

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