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Story Alert: By HOOK or CROOK #4

Episode 4: By HOOK or CROOK

(Written by Tife)
When I said all that to Sasha, I had felt really good with myself but now with me lying in bed thinking about it, I knew I had fucked up big time. I called her line but it kept ringing without her picking up the call. I knew she was hurt with me and I left a text for her hoping that whenever she felt better she would talk to me. She always forgave easily and that was a trait I loved about her. I thought about my big day ahead and prayed silently it would go on without hitches. I set my alarm for 4:30 am as I wasn’t going to take the risk of being late anymore. Morning came and this time, I took proper time to take good care of myself.

 I picked a red shirt and a corporate black skirt which was hugging me at the right places and at the same time looking professional. I wasn’t going to blow up my chances any longer. I applied a very light make-up on my face and by exactly 6:00am, I was at the office waiting…an hour earlier than the appointed time. I met the secretary and this time she didn’t have a scowl on her face. Who knows?…maybe this was a sign that today was going to be better than yesterday. ‘You’re very much early young lady’, she remarked. Yes I am, I wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes I made the last time I was here. She nodded and continued typing at the computer. ‘Mr Felix would see you now’, she said after about 15 minutes. But it isn’t time for our meeting yet, I reminded her. ‘I told him you were here and he asked me to send you in’.

  I quickly dusted my skirt and walked to the same office I had met him. I knocked and heard a reply almost immediately and ushered myself in. I was out to make a good impression on him. Once the door swung open, he feasted his eyes on me. I could swear I saw the raw desire in his eyes…or maybe I was wrong…after all he humiliated me for appearing like a harlot yesterday. ” Sit down please”, he said offering me the sit directly opposite him.

‘I have to apologise about my misconduct yesterday’. I was a bit taken aback…ok maybe not a bit… I was most definitely taken aback. You look more decent in this though. ‘Thanks sir’, I murmured. So you’ll go outside and meet the secretary and she’ll hand over your appointment letter to you. I was in shock. No interview, no nothing I was just given a job. I was quite sure he was joking but I decided to see how far he would take the job so I did as instructed and went to the secretary and she handed me a letter of appointment without me asking for it. Ok this wasn’t a joke, this things were actually real. I went back to his office after being handed the letter and began thanking him profusely. You job starts now, he informed me. “You’ll be joining me for meeting with some clients,your work would be to record everything being discussed without leaving any details behind. You’ll also be doing other things in consequent times but that’s all yours required to do today.

  It all still seemed like a dream to me. But we got into the Volkswagen that was packed in the office premises. We both sat together at the back seat while the driver drove us to where we were headed. While we were seated, he began telling me the acceptable code of conduct when his hand got to my laps. I looked up at him wondering if it was a mistake but he kept on speaking like he didn’t know what was going on…or maybe he didn’t actually. Though the gesture seemed relatively small, it seemed to be relatively large to my hardening nipples. I was jittery while he was talking but I doubt he noticed because he kept on talking.

His hands began brushing my laps making the hair on my body stand….

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