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Story Alert: By HOOK or CROOK #3

Continuation of “By Hook or CROOK episode 2)

(Episode 3)
I wanted to run to the comfort of my room and then I realized that I would have to be there still to answer some questions my interviewer threw at me.
‘I think you should give me this job because…I’ll be able to assist you with the help you’ll need and do my work efficiently’
‘And by help I’m guessing you mean in bed right?’
‘No sir’, I quietly replied.

But that’s what you’re suggesting with this, his hand sweeping over me.

‘So what is your name?’.
My name is Dominion Obi.

‘From your CV I can see that you graduated from school about 5 years now’.

‘Yes sir’…six to be precise.

‘Any luck in your job hunting?’

‘No sir’

‘So you dress seductively going in search of jobs in Lagos, why haven’t you found one yet?’
  I kept fiddling with my hands. I bit my lips to hold back my tears from dropping.

‘I do…n’t u….sually do that’…. I stuttered.

You do seem like someone with good potentials. How about we do it like this?…’Come and meet me in my office tomorrow when you’re more composed and well dressed’. I blinked my eyes rapidly. I couldn’t believe my ears.

‘Thanks a lot sir’ I said getting down on my knees to thank him. I really appreciate it sir.

‘ You’re welcome’, he said with his eyes going down to my large bosom which was now more exposed in my bid to show my appreciation.

‘Humph’, I thought, he wasn’t that much of a saint was he?…well, that didn’t bother me as long as I got a second chance. As I walked out of his office, I could see the secretary give me a disdainful look but I didn’t bother.

I got home to the comfort of my bed and room. I had a migraine that I guess was caused by the events of the day. I got home and drank some pain relieving drugs and laid on the bed not sleeping,just giving an over thought to my life. As I lay thinking, I heard a knock on the door and I stood up to check and lo and behold it was my friend Sasha. I sighed heavily and went back to the bed and laid down.

 ‘Seems like someone’s interview went bad today’, she said in a sing song manner. She walked over the bed and tried to tickle me. ‘You better avoid me if you know what’s best for you’ I advised her. She looked perplexed. ‘What have I done this time??’ she inquired. Well you nearly screwed me up today. Your stupid advise got me so embarrassed. I’ve never been so embarrassed my whole life. I might have gotten that job today if you hadn’t given me such a ridiculous advise. I don’t really blame you though, I blame my dumb self for taking your advice. Since you know how to advise people so much, why haven’t you advised yourself and gotten yourself a husband?. I knew I was overreacting and talking out of point but I didn’t care. Her stupid advise nearly ruined me today.

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