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Poetry Friday Line 24: BEAUTY FOR ASHES


Just like her name,
She was beauty itself.
Beautifying everyone around her.
The way she sways her pretty tiny waist while she walk
The ‘jigidas’ around her waist always jump up and down in jubilation
They knew it was an honor being close to her.

I’d always wonder if it was a competition.
Oh! maybe it was a competition anyway.
Her buttocks was in bouncing competition with her bossom.
Her bossom as full as water melon,
Made old men wish they were suckling
The way it bounced while she walked.
You’d think it’s going to hit her jaw.

Her beauty was beyond wonder,
She was complete.
She sent me to an abyss of admiration.
Her nose was so small that one’d wonder if she breaths in enough oxygen.
Her legs, as long as those of an Ostrich
Her voice when she laughs, was such a Melody.

I still recall the night I Kissed her under the ‘Udara’ tree.
It was fun with just two of us in the dark under the ‘Udara’ tree.
Until I said “Thanks for the kiss”
I can’t forget how she ran off.
She thought it was Prince Ekene that she kissed.
She was crushing on the prince.
She kissed me by mistake. Oh Ulinma!

But when the prince asked for her hand in marriage, she refused.
She had fallen in love with Obiora the palm wine tapper.
Who gave her palm wine one hot afternoon when she was coming back from the farm.
She loved palm wine.
She had gone back to the junction on several occasions but couldn’t find him.
I had to learn palm wine tapping because of Ulinma.
Oh, Ulinma! The first time I gave her my palm wine,
She threw it up, it was that bad.

The next day I went to Ekeh market and bought Obiora’s palm wine.
When she tasted it, she said it tasted familiar.
She loved it.
She gave me a full hug, the moment her bossom pressed unto mine,
I vowed to become the best palm wine tapper.
My son that was how I became a palm wine tapper.
I told you this story because one day you will be a man.

But grandpa, what did happen between you and Ulinma afterward?
She was your grandma, she is late.
Oh Ulinma!
-Valcee [Honest Pen]

Hey you young man
With a rare handsomeness
I salute and respect you so much
You’re so extraordinary
For this, women pay your bills
Still, you choose the ones who do it
To you life has no imperfection
But sorry, your six feet is right under your feet
Prepare for you’ll soon sink down
And be handsome to the ground.

To you the most beautiful pretty young girl
I equally cherish and admire you
I love your style
For you are tasted by every giant tongue
And drilled daily by every driller
To you, nature has favoured you
And life is so good to you
But sorry also,
For I’m seeing your enemy in between your legs
And your grave yard inside your very stomach
Time has refused to forgive you
As your instincts keep echoing
“Oh! Beauty for Ashes.”

Same goes to you the sexiest slay Queen
That dress half covered
And patrol half naked on the street
You are very sound and okay
You even walk to the inner room
Undress and snap bare body
You bring it out and post on a strategic platform
Where every creature can focus
You feed the hungry eyes
And stir up rough feelings
Because your branches are still intact
You also corrupt the innocent minds
And satisfy the devouring lions of you
To you, your skin is so oily
And so needs publication
But sorry still,
The sand of the earth has no respect
For such smooth and fleshy skin like yours
Your members are sorrowfully weeping
Some even pouring out blood periodically
And shouting,
“Oh! We are for ashes.”
-Ikise Atabang.

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