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Poetry Friday Line 20: DREAMS

Poetry Friday line 20: DREAMS

Life is mysterious and tactical
Dreams come and fade away
People plan and execute
People also plan and fail
But one fact remains,
Dreams are the propellers of life.

I long to grow beyond the circumference of the earth
Just so, I can contain it
I long that my voice be heard
For the sake of those imprisoned due to delayed justice
I long to be an activist
For the sake of those blood shedded unquestionably
I long to stay up the sky like the eagles
So I can capture the manipulations of every human
I long that responsibilities prove me as a father
For the sake of those born to irresponsible humans that answer ‘father’ by default
I long to grow beyond protocols
For the sake of those who’ve never been given the privilege of good living
I long to sit at the throne
For the sake of those servants who work as elephant but eat as ant
I long to have wealth uncounted
For the sake of those subjected by poverty
I long to be an embodiment of joy
For the sake of those who’ve never seen reasons to be happy
I long to be a solutionist
For the much obvious problems unsolved
Finally, I long to be super creative
For the many undiscovered dimensions of life.
They are but MY DREAMS!
-Ikise Atabang.


I said I never wanted to grow up to be like the generations past.
I was going to be better.
Well now that I’m looking in the mirror
I barely recognize the person there.
I dont even want to be like me anymore.
The person I have become is now a constant lachrymator in my life.
The person before me was so estranged 
I couldn’t stand looking at her.
She was a filthy shadow of my past.
People had it worse she always said.
And yet she went and messed it all up
I’m a broken man at the feet of the cross.
A faded life at the peak of my lifetime.
The celebration of a disastrous jubilee.
I was the climax of foolishness.
I was the one people pointed at and felt they were justified.
I was the topic of the hissing snakes and the baaing lambs.
I was the concept behind shame and shame wouldn’t even have me.
I was cast out by own skin and the earth wouldn’t even swallow such.
-Teri (c_u_p_o_f_t_e_a)

Have you heard of the phrase “Till death do us part”?
Death! You’re breaker of homes.
I don’t even know if I hate or love you?
But one thing I’m certain is that you always deliver.
You’re like a good number nine.
No one knows your next move.
You always caught us unawere.

Death. You have no shame.
You strike when one is enjoying life the most.
You’re too inconsiderate! Just like time.
You have no respect for elder,
Neither do you have compassion for young.
You made a wife widow after a week of matrimonial feast.
You made a child motherless from delivery.
How does that sound to you eerh?

Death. I hate you.
You’re so full of bad, nothing good comes out of you.
You leave the old and take the young.
You leave the bad and take the good.
You leave our enemy and take our friend.
Just a request.
When my own time comes,
Could you please alert me before you strike?

Death. You’re such a mystery with no end!
Without you the world could be a better place to live.
Because you have taken so many great men with talents and potentials.
At the same time, it could be a lot worse than this.
The world would be over populated.
There ‘ld be scarcity of land.
Imagine a place where people arrive but no one exit.

Death. While some see you as the end,
Others believe you’re step to a new beginning.
Our ancestors believed, you transform human into supernatural being.
Those with philosophical mind say you’re only a transition to another life.
As there are mourning here when you snitch on our loved one,
There is a celebration over there for arrival of a loved one.
The demise of a school teacher, opens a job opportunity to another.
You have both good and bad sides, just like we human.

Death. I must confess I respect you for one reason.
I respect the fact that you’re impartial.
You don’t collect bribe.
Otherwise, the rich ‘ll suggest you visit only the poor.
Before I drop my pen I want to also let you know that,
 I’m not afraid of you.
I stopped being afraid of you when I heard,
You let Jesus Christ slip from your hands.
When he defeated you.
Those engulfed in your fear, are usually the first to feel your cold hands.
-Valcee [Honest Pen]

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