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QUESTION and ANSWER #3: featuring Henry and Chinatu

Question and Answer segment featuring Henry (Bhadmann) and Chinatu.  

@Bhadmann Elchapo is a dancer and one of the founding members of Flawless Max Crew dance family.

NZD: Meaning of Bhadmann and how the name was formed?
Bhad: Bhadmann was just a name given to me by my gees in secondary School.

Those days I was called baba for the girls 😅

Onto say I dy run girls wey get levels, they go dy use the name “Bhadmann” dy hype me
NZD: Your role model?
Bhad: My role model 🤔

It’s “Role models” actually

One is My Dad and the second is Anthony Lee of Kinjaz
NZD: Name of your girlfriend?
Bhad: That one hard 😅
NZD: Favorite alcoholic drinks?
Bhad: Favorite alcoholic drink
Omo,,, na Heneiken
NZD: Who you shouting out to?
Bhad: My shout out goes to my Family joor…

The Flawless Max Crew and to my Third Bro most especially (@charlcharlee)
NZD: Describe your best day?
Bhad: No particular best day man 
But my best days are the ones spent with my Family (FMC)
NZD: Which country will you like to travel to?
Bhad: Omo,,, na Seychelles ooo…
NZD: As the founding member of FMC,what’s your dream for your crew?
Bhad: Just for us to the called One of the Best crews in Nigeria
NZD: How did you learn “stunts” and since when?
Bhad: Haa!!! Stunts,,, I learnt the basics myself when I was in Primary school. I was very young then.

But with time, I started learning from one dance crew called “High Flyers”

Ha! Shabba, Ultimate, Refuge, Bolade… I still dy raise hand for una 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
NZD: Your favorite gifts?
Bhad: My favorite gifts,,, ha! I don’t have particular gifts ooo… I’ll appreciate any gift whether small or big
NZD: Ronaldo or Messi? And why?
Bhad: Messi (G.O.A.T)👑
I’m a fan of entertainment football,,, I don’t care if I win or not and Messi is the one that plays more
NZD: Football fan of?
Bhad: Barcelona (Messilona) of course
NZD: Any message for Nzdworld 
Bhad:  I love you spirit of hustle man…

Keep it up 👍🏻 

@Chinatu ..also a dancer of Flawless Max Crew and a model too.

NZD: Name
Chinatu: Ogbonna Chinatu

NZD: Hobbies
Chinatu: Dancing and anything fashion

NZD: Your role models
Chinatu: Mai atafo izzy odigie

NZD: Your favorite food
Chinatu: Beans and plantain

NZD: What you like/dislike in people
Chinatu: Being real/pride

NZD: Any message for Nzdworld?
Chinatu: Keep doing what you know how you do best,the blog is getting bigger than imagined.

NZD: Your favorite sport activity?
Chinatu: Volley ball(tho I can’t play)

NZD: Your favorite football club..Name any 5 players in the club?
Chinatu: Am not a football fan….but atleast I know man u,Chelsea, Barcelona, liverpool and arsenal. I know only Neymar da silva santos🤗🤗  

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