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Beautiful Poems by K: THE MIRRORS and FATED FREEWILL

The Mirrors
Beautiful people mirror you.
Beside them, you get
what you see and to you,
they return what you give.
Not far from crystal clear
of the classic sparkling streams
who candidly drift
of their own accord,
unfenced by barricades
of criticism to retaliate,
not victimised by games
of presumptive blames,
unmoved by burdens
of borrowed opinion,

unsought sympathy invention
by hyperbolic fabrication,
they bare naked in core
โ€” the strength of their souls,
running a course
of reflections, whereby
we can peer a look
to boomerang our own intentions.
Written by K (@poetryandprosebyk)
Fated Freewill
Reasons splatter like raindrops
on barren wishes that hoped for
lost time to gift more patience
than momentary magnanimity
of wondering clouds.
Ornate lies were more glorious,
to credulous senses gratified
and my sheets overflowed
with faithful tempest,
for insolvency of truth
ceased to earn.
Drench me in the vice,
I can picture with closed eyes,
virtues vaporise
into the burdened skies.

The more I feel, the more I get
and the more you lie, the less I forget,
that your reasons
are just circumstances
apologising for both fate and freewill.
Written by K (@poetryandprosebyk)
About K: 

K or Kulvadana is a poet from the Himalayan state of Sikkim in northeastern India. These poems are from her debut book of poetry and prose, Ivory Gleam. It was published by Leadstart Publishers, Mumbai, in 2018. Apart from writing, she enjoys painting, sketching and cooking. Her favourite poet is Sir Rabindranath Tagore.

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