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Poetry Friday Line 17: THE STRUGGLE


Yesterday was ‘Yes’
Today is ‘No’
And tomorrow will be ‘Not sure’
Words come from you to me everyday
You lack nothing to say at every moment.
My soul is vexed up!

You Pierce my heart carelessly
Emotions toss me up and down
Yet, my words keep diffusing
Senseless me, Aargh!
True that nothing good comes easily
But must I get soaked in the basin of trials?
My soul is vexed up!

Next time,
Cut me into pieces
Tear me apart
Leave me broken
For my soul longs for such
Better than imposed emotions
I repeat, my soul is vexed up!
-Ikise Atabang.

 From second to second as time flies or as the sun rises and falls, the
 struggle continues.

A struggle to live.
Dragged by death  , to kick a bucket, but why.
 A traveler from life heading one way to death.
 Scavenging for meal for strength to gain more travelling time
To feel the drums of my cardiac as long as I can.
To hear all, mother earth’s conversation in the tones of the nightingale and in the dance of the wind.
To sight the rising angry sun ,ready to shine light as it sets to rest

A struggle to be great
To seduce history to tell others after I leave, to tell my tales in a sweet tone
Although I have to say goodbye,remember me.
To feel my head with knowledge, to puppeteer life, to finally pay the Piper
A sight of comfort for mi familia, a name that sticks influence to hold the string

A struggle for life after
To join the immortals in a fellowship with my maker
To live by the holy book, to live my believe and practice or to give my life if need be
To become an unknown soldier of the cross , a crusader of the gospel or a saint

A struggle for love
For you to accept me, my sweet candy as your only half to behold
To grab your thighs while my lips steal the ending of your sentence
To feel Wet  as you read the love notes I have left on your flesh
A feeling of happiness as our eyes meet,  our skin spark, a feeling of sensation as the room lit in pleasure.
A crave for the presence only you can  feel
The craving to fall asleep in your arms, as you kiss me like a child and whisper those words of soothing effect “we will pull through”
The struggle I want

(Kk’s nightmares)
Emmanuel kasiemobi.


When it rains…
I feel like marrying my bed all day
Because there, I think about my life
When it rains…
The weather feels cold
I feel like hugging my pillow while I mesmerize about THE GIRL I NEVER HAD.
I know I loved her the moment I set my eyes on her
I miss her with every fibre of my being.
She left me at transcendence into the metaphysical zone.

When it rains…
Beneath the dwellings of my bedsheet, I think about things I wouldn’t have said,
Things I wouldn’t have done.
Things I ‘d love to say
Things I ‘d love to do
A lot happens on my mind when it rains.

When it rains…
I listen to the rhythmic sound of water droplets as they hit the roof
Sometimes I feared the roof might come crashing and left me exposed to the rain.

When I was younger I ‘d go outside in the rain with my eyes closed and mouth opened.
As I drink from mother nature.
When it rains in the morning, automatically no school.
And there are less or no work to do.
Maybe that’s why I love it when it rains.

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