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How hygienic are you?

I went to buy gbole (Beans and plantain) the other day and I met few guys there already, as we were waiting for our turns the woman did something we all believed to be wrong.
She collected money from her buyer she just served, searched through her money and gave him balance. Then she proceeded to cutting her roasted plantain.

Then it happened, one of the guy waiting with us started ranting that she supposed to wash her hands before touching the plantains, that it was very unhygienic said he wasn’t buying again. He left and bought soya milk and egg roll.

“Hey! Bro, so this is the one that’s hygienic huh?
Do you know how they prepare those, especially the soya milk??” Well I said that on my mind, who get strength to talk? Me that is very hungry. Oh! Its my turn, Ma’am give me food make I chop jare.

But the scenario got me thinking, I don’t blame the guy though. I took myself for instance, I can’t eat all those peeled pineapples without first washing them with salt. And if you ask me “why?” I will always tell you that I don’t know how hygienically it was peeled. So I asked my self “so for your mind now you are being hygienic?” What about those salads you eat outside? Why not wash them with salt too before eating? Do you know how hygienically it was prepared? Hehehe…that’s a very big question.

Nigerians how hygienic could you be?

One of my roommate doesn’t share his spoon with anybody he would always say and I quote

“It’s a personal belonging” yeah it is. But you do eat outside.
At least we are about 8 here, you can’t share your spoon with 8 guys you know, but when you eat outside you share spoons with  hundreds of unknown people. Or do you go  to restaurants with your own spoon?

I don’t even want to talk about those guys that use protective during s*x in the name of not wanting to contract STDs, but will go down there with their mouth. Sorry!

Hey bro, I am not saying we shouldn’t be careful or hygienic. All I am asking is How hygienic could you be?

Yes “How hygienic could you be?”
My name is Val and this is what’s going on, on my mind right now.


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