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Chronicles of Valcee: The Socks

#The socks
“I would be taking a girl out today for the first time in my life and it’s not just a girl it’s My Cynthy my first love” I said as I remove my socks. I am fond of wearing socks even while staying at home. I remembered many occasions where People criticize me of that, but the truth is that the reason I do wear socks always is because I do sweat on my feet. Well that’s not my problem.

My ringing phone brought me Back to the present. It was my closest G. Ebo! His name is actually Ebolue Chibuike but I prefer Calling him Ebo. Don’t worry You will find out what he calls me soon.
Ebo! Kee way? I shouted When I picked the call
“Valcino!, “what’s up!” “I am cool”… He told me he was close to my lodge…
[Few minutes later]
” Guy, how far you and Cynthy nah?” “Any Gist!” “How did your meeting with her yesterday go?” He asked immediately he entered removed his shirt and sat on my bed.
“Guy calm down, you too like gist” I replied him. “I didn’t tell her yesterday, something happened but I will tell her today at Shoprite. We are going out……”
I was interrupted by My friend’s gaze which was at the door, I turned to see 3 guys with masks smiling devilishly at us.
“Who are you?” “What do you want?” I stammered, trying to be courageous.
“You don’t ask us questions, we ask you” he replied “now who is Val between you two?” He continued. I exchanged glances with my friend Chibuike but said nothing same with him.
“You think we are here for jokes right?” He asked again.

We kept mute
Our interviewer who seemed to be the leader of the gang snapped his fingers and the two guys beside him brought out pistols and pointed at us simultaneously. I froze, this is my first time of being at a gun point. I lost it and raised my hands up immediately, “I am the one, I am Val” I said at once. I was expecting the worse when I heard my friend say “Buike don’t do this, I am the one they are looking for” 
” My name is Azuka Valentine ” he told the guys ” I became confused, what is he doing?
I could see the confused look on our visitors’ faces.
          #The Cultists’ side of story#
We came closer and discussed on a low tone with our eyes and guns still on our preys. We were instructed not to harm anybody apart from Val we came for. But the two friends are now claiming to be the Val, I was really provoked as I dialed my boss number. I told him what’s on ground and he said the Val we are looking for is fair and always wear SOCKS. I smiled, ended the call and told the two to stand up as I set my eyes on our target.
#Val’s side of the story#
I was wearing the T-shirt and jeans trouser I used for lectures earlier and had no SOCKS on as I was about removing my clothes when my friend called.
But my friend Chibuike was putting on a trouser, singlet and SOCKS too which he didn’t pull out when he removed his shoes outside.
Their leader approached me and said “You be better friend o”, and gave me a hot slap.
Hot tears ran down my cheek as the reality hit me.
They thought my friend Chibuike was the Val they are looking for. And I watched as they pounced on him and gave him the worst beating I have ever seen and would ever see.
   *Ebo’s side of the story*
When I claimed to be Val, I didn’t know why I did so. I was surprised at my self, perhaps it’s time to show my friend that I could be loyal, strong and trusted. As I received each punch, slap and kick I prayed it was the last. All they kept saying to me was “No go near Cynthia again, she is taken…”
“What’s going on?” …. “Is Val hiding something from me?” When I couldn’t take no more, I let the darkness engulfed me as everywhere went blank……………………….

A new feeling took over me as I started floating, no pains, no fears, no worries…..
#To be continued….
7 DAYS(Fiction+Non Fiction)
A story written by Azuka Valentine C

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