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Sunday Rants by Val #43

#Sunday Rants…
Happy Easter  .
., .
My fowl has been missing for four days now
and my landlord has been moving about with
toothpick in his mouth
Should I ask him?
I can jonse eeh…
The only time I am ever serious is when i am counting the zeros in the money I want to transfer.
Am I the only one who grew  up thinking that KAFANCHAN is in Abroad
Toilet + phone =10min
Toilet + phone + data = 1hr
Toilet + phone + data + earpiece + charger =
we die there.
Dating a funny guy like me can be risky;
You wee lafu, lafu and lafu you wee not,  know when I run out of the relationship.
Jst bcos, . I Don’t go to Church regularly, doesn’t mean I don’t knw dat Joseph killed Abel.
Describe how you want  . your future husband to look like maybe am the one you have been looking for
Dangote: How much can be added to
your present account balance to make it One Million?
ME: One million
Hausa song are always in hurry… That’s make me wonder if the artist is using a stolen Guitar,
I have done so many mistakes in my life…
But I have never left a wedding reception without eating…Never!
“No Woman Can Command Me! No Woman
Can Command Me!” but When She Says “Go and Lock The Door” Boom! You
Will Fly like Splash .Phool!
Sister make sure to Marry a rich man it’s better to cry in Dubai than to cry in Kogi.
*Guy, two ways of saving money;
Either you work hard and make more money or you block expenses. Not every time she says “I want to eat sharwama” you say “lets go” Dr Nwolu.*


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