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Another Thriller from the Story “7 Days”

Another Thriller from the story “7 Days” brought to you by #Chronicles of Valcee
#Madam Usher
What is Church? Building?…Body of Christ?
The alarm rang for the third time and I snoozed it for the third time.
“I haven’t been to Church for like 2 weeks now, I must go today I said to myself as I sprang from my bed”
On arriving the Church premises I met a scene where a young beautiful Usher was preventing a young girl to enter the Church, I guess it was because of her dressing. Her gown was about 3 inches to her knee. I got annoyed and decided to talk to the Usher. So I approached them.

Madam Usher, why did you prevent her from entering the Church?
Usher: Her gown is too short, we don’t allow such short gowns.
But Madam Usher I saw you the other day with something shorter than what she is wearing.
Usher: In this Church premises?
No Madam Usher, it was somewhere else.
But still Madam Usher I don’t think anyone has the right to prevent anyone from entering the Church(Our Father’s house) What she is putting on is actually short and wrong but do you think she will repent because you didn’t allow her enter the Church? Yes she might not wear it to Church again but it’s not because of repentance but to avoid embarrassment. Do you know if today was the day the gospel would have touched her heart?
And you refused her entering…. Why would you refused her to enter the Church Madam Usher? I might not be too familiar with Bible Quotation but I am sure Jesus said that He came not for the righteous but for the sinners.
Why refuse her, eerh Madam Usher? Are you righteous? You don’t wear short gowns to Church but can wear it somewhere else, tell me Madam Usher what’s the difference as a Christian? You can’t wear it to Church(Building) but can wear it on your body(Temple Of God). Can you say there are no fornicators in there? But you allowed them!
Usher: But I am only working under instructions.
Calm down Madam Usher, I am not judging you, I am not perfect either. All i am saying is that We are all the same we just sin differently. Don’t judge so you won’t be judged.
Its painful when I see some people condemning others just because they sin differently from them.
You will see a Thief condemning a gay, a gay condemning a killer, a killer condemning a rich man who refuses to help his brother, the rich man condemning a young girl for fornication. etc.
And secondly dress modestly always, anywhere, anytime not just in Church. God is everywhere you go(not MTN).

To be continued….
#7 Days
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