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CW Series *Legacies* Renewed for a Second Season (Season One Review)

Legacies,Charmed and few other CW series like Black lightening, Dynasty,Riverdale, Arrow,Legends of Tomorrow, The flash,Supergirl and Supernatural were renewed for another season. A total of 10 series renewed by the CW Network.
I watch most of them but kept up with *Legacies*…Season 1..Pilot episode to the finale..probably cos it was related to hit series Vampire diaries and The Originals. 
When the Legacies series was announced,we all expected action-packed scenes,Vampire ripping hearts,full moons and stuffs like that…but Legacies instead gave us a different package.
The series was actually nice but just not what we *hope*d for. A story about adventures of teenagers against monsters(mystical creatures). The first 6 episodes got me hooked to the show…just had to watch till the finale.
Lots of Suspense…you just can’t wait for the next episode. My best episode probably has to be *I’ll tell you a story* or *Mombie dearest*… The finale was cool but not what I expected.
*Hope*fully the Second Season tries to bring more casts from Vampire diaries/Originals…like Klaus,Damen,Stephan,Rebecca,Elijah,Bonnie…to add more life to the series…even if its a cameo appearance.
One thing I liked about the series was the character *behavior switchings*…let me explain:
Caleb: was hated initially by viewers… Was this Vampire annoying bastard…wanted him killed..corrupted MJ…..but at the later stages of the show…he changed his ways.
Penelope: One of my favorites..popping out of nowhere… Manipulate witch….but everything she did was to help her friends. *Hope* she returns to the Salvatore school.
More like I’m talking only about the bad ones(one witch: Penelope,one Vampire: Caleb and lastly one Werewolf: Jed) 
Jed…the bully former Alpha..big bad wolf….Jed just had this disgusting attitude… So happy when Ralph kicked his butt…the coward also took his anger on Landon…at the later stages of the show… Jed also changed for good.
Now to the main cast: 
MJ: a very sweet young vampire…loves fun and the spotlight…. Later began a riper and killed Landon…though Landon resurrected cos he’s a Phoenix….. MJ still strived to amend his ways. 
The twins Lizzie & Josie
Lizzie: She loves attention, thinks she’s the best at the school….selfish….many viewers hated her…at the later stages….Lizzie became a likable character.
Josie: One of viewer’s favorite character. She’s very sweet,caring and selfless. She does everything possible to make her twin sis Lizzie happy but she revealed her other side due to the *merge* effect.
Landon: The strange guy looking for answers. Finally his true mystical identity as a Phoenix was revealed when killed by MJ. Landon was the only cast who kept an unchanged role. Landon was just Landon throughout the season.
Ralph: Werewolf struggling with the death of his girlfriend. Gets angry easily. Fell for Hope but couldn’t betray his best friend Landon. Also an alpha of the werewolf pack.
Hope: the main character of the Legacies season. Just like Elena of Vampire diaries… the story revolves around her,except the Genie episode which was for Lizzie but Hope still popped up. Hope’s a tribid: Vampire,werewolf and witch. Daughter of Klaus.
Viewers were disappointed with her not showcasing her vampire powers,also her werewolf abilities except when she nearly killed Landon in the woods after transforming.
Dr. Saltzman: The comedian of the show. Added humor to the series. One of the cast who gave a *Vampire diaries feel* to the show. Also brief appearance of Jo and Jeremy.
We hope to see more action in the second season. Action in terms of Vampire/Werewolf clash,ripping of hearts…Klaus/Damen style. Also cameo appearance from casts of Vampire diaries and Originals. Hope has to showcase her Vampire abilities, Landon should reveal the super abilities of the Phoenix. 

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