ARTICLE: 4 Things You Should Know, Before Dating An Igbo Girl

Igbo girls are very beautiful compared to other babes in the country, according to my own perspective. The ladies are usually fair-skinned, tall, enegertic and smart.

See, dating an Igbo girl requires patience, resilience and confidence. Unlike other girls, you can’t just approach an Igbo girl just because you like her. There are some principles you have to follow to secure your chances of having her as your babe.

In this article, I wrote four things you need to put, at the back of your mind before even approaching any Igbo lady.

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1. Igbo girls are smart and intelligent. Before you approach that beautiful Ignore girl on your street, you should be in the know that Igbo girls are smart. When I mean intelligence, they’re are emotionally and socially intelligent. The average Igbo girl can sense whether you’re trying to play on her or not. You can’t just approach her and say those enticing words. No! She knows when you’re lying to get her.

2. Igbo girls are more educated. You don’t need to to argue with me about this. Come to Lagos, and see how Igbo girls are faring. During my short stay in Lagos, every lady I met were University graduates. It was quite suprising. If you go to any corporate firm, majority of the ladies there were Igbos. Why? Igbo ladies are more academically inclined than other groups in Nigeria.

It’s one of the major reason why their ladies don’t just rush into marriage. They prefer to make things right before settling down with a man.

3. Igbo girls are usually self dependent. Just like I mentioned in the point above, these set of beautiful babes don’t have to wait for any man before fending for themselves. They’re really hardworking women. As a man, dating an Igbo lady will be an advantage for you, because she won’t depend on you to pay her bills.

4. Igbo girls usually prefer dating independent men, as well. That is, if you’re not yet comfortable with your life, don’t bother to propose to her. There’s a popular miscontrued statement that Igbo ladies are drawn to money. I don’t think that statement is true. Igbo girls are only attracted to hardworking men, not their money. Since, they’re are hardworking on their own, you can’t expect them to settle with less. It’s not possible!

I can go on, writing about interesting things about Igbo babes, but I’ll stop her, for now. Indeed! Igbo girls are just too wonderful.

What other facts do you know about relationships with Igbo ladies? Please, drop your contributions in the comments section.

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