STORY: Hidden Truth (PT 1-3)

Story by Olonma

HIDDEN TRUTH “The fact that I do not sympathize with her doesn't make me the culprit."

“Shut your mouth young lady!” Inspector Boye commanded. “Why do you add fuel to fire? Do you know that you are worsening your case?”
“That’s none of my business, all I know is that I am innocent. We all know it was a mistake. However, I will not speak further until my lawyer gets here”.

As they were still talking, Barrister Pejul Johnson got to the scene. He requested to have a word with his client in private.
“Five minutes, that’s all you have Barrister”, Inspector Boye said in a calm tone as he left the room.
He kept mute for some time before he finally spoke. “Good afternoon Miss Adeboye. As you know, I have been your father’s family lawyer, even before you were born. I have carefully gone through all the files sent to me concerning this case but I need you to tell me what really happened. First, you can begin with explaining your relationship with the deceased and her daughter. You need to tell me everything you know so that I can help you get out of this mess.”
At first, Cassy seemed uneasy, but suddenly, she felt a pang of resentment as she began to speak.

“Ok, I will tell you all I know, just make sure you get me out of here. Things were just fine until she and her over ambitious daughter came into our lives. I was very happy, we were happy until they came into our lives and ruined our joy. Kate stole my life! Her mother was just an ordinary house keeper in our mansion. Sometimes, I thought she has my dad under a very strong spell. They had always lived with us, served us and obviously swayed their way into my family. Based on what dad told me, Nanny Andrea had been working for his parents before he got married to my mum. Actually, as a little boy, they were best of friends. Her mum was his nanny back then before she died and of course, he trusted Andrea enough to let her work for him. Daddy loved Nanny Andrea and her daughter so much that people began to think that they were members of our family.” She took a deep breath and continued, “apparently, it is obvious that it was a mistake. I didn’t mean for her to die. It is no secret that I detest her and her daughter but I am not so cold hearted.”

The fact that Barrister Pejul wasn’t convinced could not be hidden as it was written all over his face. However, he gave a perfunctory nod and proceeded to show her some documents. “Your father had spoken with the Inspector General of Police earlier today and as it stands, there is no concrete evidence against you. As you can see in the document you have in your hands, you will not be detained here. Never the less, you cannot leave the country for any reason unless you have been proven innocent.

Sitting at table with Mr Adeboye seemed to pacify her as he sang her mother’s praises all through. She stood on her feet as though ready to take a step in a definite direction only to stop abruptly to cast a startled gaze on her mother’s picture. Taking some steps further, towards the sofa, she plunged into it and began to weep all over again. She sat there looking so dejected. Cassy walked into the house in a stealthy manner. The furtive look on her face could not be hidden. At that moment, seeing Kate in such a pitiable situation, she realized the gravity of what she had done. Instantly, she felt resentful and remorseful at once. She realized she had just killed Nanny Andrea on purpose and made it all look like an accident. All she could do was stare at Kate as she mourned her beloved mother. She never knew that her little plan to make Nanny Andrea pay for the death of her mother would actually claim her life.
“My dear, I know you must be tired. Go upstairs, take a shower and get some rest. Tomorrow would be a very long day as Andrea would be laid to rest”, Mr Adeboye said with a comforting smile on his face.


It’s been two years already but it seemed just like yesterday. As the clock ticks, seconds, minutes, hours and even years come and go. As a matter of fact, time and tide waits for no man. Change is inevitable, apparently, it is one with time. It is said that time heals all wounds, but for Cassy, it’s the opposite. The anger and quest for revenge in her heart seemed to be ever thriving and consequently, grew deeper.
After the death of Kate’s mother, Mr Adeboye officially adopted her as his daughter. This single action by a man who felt pity and compassion towards a lowly orphan, made his only daughter furious. Cassy never bought the idea of having an adopted sibling. The thought of it made her heart skip a beat. She knew she was the only heir to all her father’s assets. Having an adopted sibling only meant she will have to share her inheritance with someone who wasn’t related to her by blood. She snapped at every single thing Kate did to please her.

She never accepted her as a sibling, instead, she made sure to fraustrate her so that she leaves their house. Mr Adeboye loved the girls so much. He treated them like princesses and provided all they wanted. As a father, he ensured that he loved his daughters equally. He made sure they got nothing but the best. The girls attended the same school but studied different courses. Kaye has studied business administration while Cassy studied accountancy. Kate had worked so hard as she read day in, day out in order to make the best grades. On the other hand, Cassy was lazy. She had a lackadaisical attitude towards her studies. Surprisingly, failure never knocked on her door as she always made a way out. Bribing and blackmailing lecturers into giving her good grades had become her DNA. She could not be characterized as a bad student because she wasn’t a bully neither did she drink, smoke, intimidate other students nor cause a nuisance to the school authority. She was just too lazy to study but of course, her money did all the work for her.

Cassy had her eyes on Fergason. He was the cutest guy on campus and of course, every lady’s crush. His fair skin and succulent pink lips made Cassy admire him every single time. She dreamt of him everytime she closed her eyes. Fergason could be described as “the lady’s man”. Being the cutest guy on campus also made him very popular. He was the only child of his mother. His father was married to two women of which his mother was the second. His father was a Chief in his hometown and believed that every man must have a male child to succeed him and of course, continue his lineage. His first wife bore him two beautiful daughters but still, he felt that the girls were as good as useless to him as they will be married off into another family, therefore, he desperately needed a male child to inherit all he had worked for all his life. He was a very rich man who had a lot of investments across Nigeria. He had asked help from his elder sister to get another wife. Every man desires a peaceful home regardless of the number of wives he has and Mr Obiudu wasn’t an exception. He pleaded with his first wife to accommodate his second wife. Adaeze was very beautiful in her youthful days. Her fair skin was ever glowing. She was tall, plumpy and had long dark hair. Adaeze was a very peaceful and obedient wife. She knew her place in the family and never exceeded her boundaries. Unlike some other polygamous homes, the Obiudu’s lived together in love, peace and harmony. Their joy knew no bounds the day Fergason was born. As handsome as he was at birth, his father chose a suitable name for him which was Chibugo which meant “God is beautiful”. Years passed by and he grew up into a handsome young man who was hardworking and diligent as well. He wasn’t ready to get intimate with any lady while in school. All he wanted was to graduate with a wonderful result.

It was past eight O’clock in the morning and Kate was still in bed. She was late already for a class. Her alarm clock kept buzzing but still, she lay comfortably in bed. It is no doubt that an early morning sleep could be really satisfying and enjoyable but not when you wake to discover you were behind schedule for the day. She felt so fraustrated waking up to discover she was late already for a class. She rushed into the bathroom to take a quick bath. Rushing out of the bathroom, she grabbed some clothes from the wardrobe. She slid herself into the short pink gown she had in her hands, picked up her books from the table and rushed out. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her to the lecture venue but unfortunately, the lecture had just been concluded. She stood Infront of the lecture venue with an exasperated expression on her face watching other students leave the venue. Surprisingly, every student who walked out of the lecture venue, on seeing Kate, began to laugh. Obviously, she didn’t realize that she was the object of ridicule untill a voice from behind said, “Miss, come with me. You are inappropriately dressed and that’s the reason everyone is laughing.” She turned to see the man behind such a charming voice. She starred at him for some minutes before taking a glance at herself to see her white bathroom slippers and hair net on her body.
“Hello, I am Fergason Chibugo Obiudu”, he said stretching out his right arm to shake hands with her.
“I am Kate Adeboye”, she said with her head bent downwards.

“No need to feel embarrassed, you are not the first student to make such a mistake. Let me take you home so that you have a change of clothes.”
Fergason could also be referred to as a celebrity or perhaps, a minor celebrity. His life was practically everyone’s business especially for the ladies. His encounter with Kate became the topic of the week. Everyone had a different version on their lips. Of course, Cassy had heard what happened and became jealous. She felt Kate had stolen the only man she loved and swore to get him no matter the cost. She always made efforts to cross paths with him just to get his attention. She bought gifts too and of course, helped him out in every situation. Sometimes, she requested to spend the weekend at his residence but he declined. They became very good friends but Fergason always maintained his boundaries. He had begun developing feelings for Kate and ensured to avoid any sort of scandal that may ruin his chance with her. Learning of the fact that both girls were sisters did not really matter to him as he was certain of the woman he wanted.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Fergason and Kate had fallen in love with each other and nurtured this love. Strangers had become friends and friends had become lovers.


The academic year had successfully come to an end and of course, the school had produced a fresh set of graduates from every department. Every student was prepared to go into the world to make a difference. Mr Adeboye had promised his daughters instant employment in his company after school. A big party was thrown to celebrate them. Mr Adeboye had spent a fortune in organising this party for his daughters. Everyone was invited to share in his joy. He had instructed his personal assistant to purchase two cars. A red one for Cassy and a white one for Kate. He knew his daughter’s favourite colour and decided to gift them brand new cars of the exact colours alongside the employment letters. He felt so fulfilled knowing that they would manage his company very well as he had become old and weak. He had plans for the girls to help in managing his company untill their travel documents were ready. He had always desired for them to further their studies in the UK.

“Congratulations my angels!”, he said as he handed their car keys and employment letters to them. Cassy was so elated as she had always wanted to manage her father’s business. Being the only legitimate child of her father, she felt that all his assets will be willed to her once her dad had kicked the bucket. Different thoughts had invaded her mind as she starred at the car key and employment letter. On the other hand, Kate shed tears amidst her smiling face as she thanked Mr Adeboye for a he had done for her.
“It’s ok my dear. Clean those tears. I love you both so much and I am happy you both made me proud. I guess it’s high time you opened those envelopes in your hands. My dearest Cassy”, he said as his face glowed with unfathomable happiness.
“Yes dad”, she replied.
“As an accountant, u thought it wise to put you in charge of the financial department of the company. Your sister here, will be the managing director and the CEO once you girls are back from the UK. I implore you two to work together to ensure the progress of this company.”
This news struck Cassy like a thunderstorm. She could not believe what she just heard.
“Dad, how could you. How could you give this girl dominance over me. CEO? How can the daughter of a common house keeper run my company. Never! Never!! I won’t allow this.”
She screamed so loud and left the party venue. This time, it wasn’t just jealousy but anger hatred that dwelt in her heart. In fact, they had become permanent tenants there.

To be continued….


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  1. Really nice. Well detailed and captivating, and I’m left with an amazing mind picture of the entire act.

  2. Olonma this is an outstanding work. I really love it.
    I look forward to another masterpiece from you.

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