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STORY: 7 Days (The Past Came Haunting) E04

I struggle not for the Lilly in the water
Just so, I don’t get drown for it.
– Ikise Atabang
I walked slowly in the dark, lonely and scary night, my heart beating fast. It was so quiet that I could hear my own heartbeat. The only thing on my mind was to arrive at my lodge safely and lock my self inside. Maybe it was time to let go. If only Cynthy would understand. I recalled the event that took place in my lodge yesterday evening.
They held me at gunpoint and beat Ebo till he fainted. I was very terrified, I called for help and he was taken to the hospital. I called Cynthy and told her what had happened. She requested to know the hospital Ebo was admitted in and I told her. She came in later that night and we stayed in the hospital till dawn.
By morning Ebo had regained his consciousness. He appreciated Cynthy for coming and begged her to leave so she wouldn’t miss her lectures because of him. Cynthy insisted on staying. At my end, Ebo was cursing me and telling me how he would kick my ass as soon as he got back on his feet. 
Cynthy was yet to believe our story. It was nightfall when Cynthy decided to go home and Ebo said I should go with her too since he was getting better.
On our way to Cynthy’s lodge, I saw Ijabu, I wanted to point him out to Cynthy seeing as she disbelieved our story but could find him no longer.   He seemed to have disappeared. I was confused and scared.
I left Cynthy’s lodge looking over my shoulders. I had this premonition that I was been followed. 
I heard some footsteps behind me and hastened my steps. The person or whatsoever that was walking stealthily behind me did the same. I ran, but with every sprint, the footsteps intensified.
I stopped, turned to face my nightmare but could see no one. Maybe, I was imagining things because it was pitch black and there was not a soul to be seen. I switched on my phone torchlight to make sure I was alone, and behold I was, I heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed my mind was playing pranks on me.
I turned to continue my walk but bumped into a huge frame, causing my phone to fall off my hand. My mouth felt dry when I saw the shiny metal in his grip. He was holding a dagger. He brought it close to my neck and I felt its coldness. That instant, I felt warmth wetness run down my lap to my leg and into my shoe. I heard a familiar voice behind me.
“Val you dey form James Bond abii?” He picked up my phone and switched it off. I was gagged, blind folded and taken away. 
When they removed the blindfold, I found myself in an unknown uncompleted building. Everywhere was calm except for the song that was been chanted few centimeters away from where I was tied up to a rough pillar. It was dark in the building but outside the building, there was illumination at exactly the same spot I gathered the noise was coming from.
I saw another figure in the room, couldn’t see his face but I presumed he was there to watch me. I asked him what was happening over there and he told me that night was a very special night in their Confraternity.
It was a night of initiation for new members and it only happens once in a year, he went on. Then he asked me if I wasn’t aware of that and I told him I didn’t know anything about the Confraternity.
It was then he told me something that really scared the shit out of me. He told me that the only thing that brings a non-member to their place of meeting is initiation. He told me I would be initiated that night. Initiation starts at midnight!
We remained in the dark room close to an hour not talking to each other. The place was quiet except for the chirping of insects and the faint chants heard centimeters away. 
“What’s your name?” I asked trying to get him talking again. The tension was becoming unbearable.
“We don’t divulge personal information to non-members of this cult till after initiation. But anyway, you will be initiated soon”. I felt goosebumps.
“My name is Chuka”,  He said. “What about you, new member?”
“I’m Val. Why did you join a Cult?” I asked not really expecting an answer. The rough pillar was really hurting me.
He was about to say something when two other guys putting on face masks approached us.
To be continued…
Edited by:
Anastasia C. Nwoye
Ekweh Christian
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