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Poetry Friday Line 33: CRIPPLED LOVE

Poetry Friday Line 33: CRIPPLED LOVE

Hey everyone!
I present to you all
The story of my love experience
In lines and in stanzas
How love crippled my actions
Jailed my emotions
And imprisoned my heart…

Here, my story goes…
I first met Stella on a cool and windy evening
I can remember approaching her with an awkward smile
“We could make the best friendship in history.”
I said to her as we walked and sat under a tree
Almost in the middle of the garden
Life smiled at us
Nature stared sheepishly
“But you won’t be able to love me…”
She said and rested her head on my shoulder without a thought
I noticed tears rushing down her smooth and chocolate cheeks
“Stella, I’m the one making the promise, not you…”
I said as we left there with a mission engagement.

Just some months later,
The manifestation of things I never expected took over
First, I overheard Stella fixing a date with Mike, my colleague
But I pretended like I never heard
Even she felt and suspected I heard her
But love crippled me.

Next I caught Stella chatting romantically
With a friend I introduced to her as my next man
For the first time I boiled for my lovely Stella
She sat speechlessly and was staring at me like one harmless soul
I stared directly also at her 
Her beauty filled my eyes especially with that her new hair
Which she tied behind and threw two strands each across her shoulders
Suddenly, the love I had for her got stirred up
And that tempting feelings started arising
She appeared more beautiful after each rediculous act
But I frown and left her 
Of course, that was the only perfect way to show I was angry.

One day, I came back and met Stella
Sitting absent mindedly
I called her and she shrieked
Unlike herself, she normally welcomed me with a hug and a kiss
But that very day, I noticed something had gone wrong with my sweet Stella
She only stared at me and put back her head in between her legs
She was dropping some tears effortlessly
I quickly lowered my height to her sitting level
I forced her to raise her face
“What’s the problem?”
She said nothing but tried whipping the tears with her hand
I removed my kerchief and did that for her
Yet still, Stella refused talking to me
I looked straight into her small catty eye balls and saw love in a human form
I made her to stand  and gave her a very tight hug
And she yielded tenderly
Then the reality of love
Gave me more understanding for the perception of her beauty.

Finally, one of those nights
After I caught Stella with a friend I offered him pass some nights in my house
She woke me up that very night and began to talk feeling ashamed
“I knew myself very well
When I said you won’t be able to love me.
I love you so much
But it’s obvious I don’t deserve you
So please let me go…”
“Go where?”
I cut her in and continued
I’m the one loving you
I sourced for you, not you that sourced for me
I came to you, you didn’t come to me
In case you didn’t know,
I was looking for you all my life
And when I finally saw you, Stella
I left so many things for you
I was ready to sacrifice my life to get you
I’m not tired of you,
Why should you be tired of yourself?
I have not given up on you,
Why then should you give up on yourself?
It’s love that has tied me to you…”
Stella put her head on my chest
She was crying profusely as I kept talking
She soaked my night wear with tears
And surprisingly, she never repeated any of those frivolous things
She became more than a faithful lover!
-Ikise Atabang.

I what to say a thing or too about love…
Love, that feeling that changes everything, it makes you smile without reserve, and comes like heavenly beings possessing the earth upon you…..

Love, it changes the atmosphere and makes the earth’s shape seem like a sphere, to make the heart be in continuous rotational motion or should I say random?….
Love, when you are in it, it makes you contradict yourself. You become a deaf who hears, a blind who sees, a talkative who’s dumb…the list is endless, ya even a lame with wings…..

Love, so many got very nice things to say about it, but majority says it hurts. When you say it hurts.. I believe you cause it actually depends on the them you loved…
Love have so many flavours, it’s bittersweetsour , when you love from a falling height you break a part of you .. l mean it’s obvious, it was certain you were going to break a part of you…. Cause you fell…..

Love feeling that will surface for generations.. don’t think it started now, it’s been here….
Love, love, love, ………., Love I wish I were into it the way you are, I did give anything to be…….
Heavn’s poem 

Brief Interview of Ugwuja Obinna Henry 

NZD: Info about yourself?
Onowu: Am Ugwuja Obinna Henry (Onowu 1). Medical Radiography 400L

NZD: Are you a football fan? If yes,which club? And who do you think will win Champions League this year?
Onowu: Yes, Juventus and Juventus also will carry the trophy.

NZD: The role of Radiography in the world (many people don’t know).
Onowu: Like our slogan.. It is the “eyes of modern medicine” we use radiation(Xray & Ultrasound) to produce images of the internal structures but let us not delve into that.

NZD: There’s a popular notion that UNN students are proud…what’s your say on that?
Onowu: We ain’t proud actually, we pass through brimstone and fire and as such.. We are refined and not proud.

NZD: Which faculty in UNEC has the most beautiful babes?
Onowu: I don’t really know oo

NZD: Apart from academics,what are you into?
Onowu: Am into school politics and Business which I have passion for the both  

NZD: Favorite country to travel to?
Onowu: Canada

NZD: Who you shouting out to?
Onowu: Am shouting out to all my people all over UNEC, I love them all.

NZD: What motivated you to run for the SUG president post?
Onowu: The plight of an average UNEC student which are numerous.  

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