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Story Alert: By HOOK or CROOK #5

I returned home from work very tired and disoriented, I was made to do all the jotting during the meeting and I didn’t find it funny at all. I had really underestimated this “little job” as I had thought it to be and to add to the ice cream topping, my boss wasn’t cutting  slacks on me. He has just informed me out of the blue just as we left the meeting that I should prepare myself as I would be joining him on a business trip the following day and he said it just as casually as he was asking for a cup of water. I can’t still believe it though that a day after my employment, I’ll be on a business trip. I knew this would eventually happen but is so overwhelming.

I tried calling Sasha once again but as usual she wasn’t picking up her calls. She never behaves like this. I guess I must have hurt her feelings very much. I left a text for her apologizing for my short-comings and informing her that I’ll be traveling to Abuja the following day with my boss and like magic,almost immediately she called back. I was really amused when I saw her calls coming as I knew she only called because of the last piece of information I left. “Sasha I’m really sorry about my misconduct the oth…”,her screams cut me off. So you got the job?, She asked. ‘Yes I did’, I quietly said.

‘Gist me na’, she implored….Did youuu….’ewww no’ I replied. I was just offered the job immediately I got there and my work started at that moment too,and right now I’m just confused on what to pack for the journey I’ll embarking on as he specifically asked me not pack much of my things as the company would be sponsoring whatever I’ll be needing including my clothes. I’ll be taking only things necessary for survival which for me is my Mr Teddy.

Dominique don’t tell me you’ll be taking that creepy teddy bear with you…don’t try it o. I’m so so happy for you, she said and she sounded it. “Sasha about the other day…It’s fine, it’s fine. I totally understand how you felt then. I felt like giving her a big hug right now. She always understood. And please, she continued, don’t forget to take a pack of condoms with you…we don’t want to be increasing the world’s population you know. I burst out laughing….Sasha you’re merely crazy. It’s a business trip for freaking crying out loud. ‘Babes trust me that’s how so many ladies have come back with children they didn’t plan for, please be wise’. I can’t ask you not to have sex because you’re an adult but I can plead on you to use protection. This time she sounded serious so I just had to agree in other to end this line of conversation.

(Story by Tife)

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