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Story Alert: By HOOK or CROOK #2

(Continuation from “By Hook or Crook” #1)

Not wanting to loose another opportunity to get a job, I called my adviser in chief who had been giving me free advice but I failed to take it to now come and advice me. The phone rang the first time and she didn’t pick. It rang again and then I heard her voice at the other end of the call…she sounded groggy from sleep I guess.

‘Dominique,she said at the other end of the call, why are u calling me so early in the morning?’. My real name was Dominion but trust us all to change our names to whatever suited us. I’m so sorry Sasha, I replied… I urgently need your help. Her name’s actually Sharon. ‘Hope you’re not upset I woke you up this early?’ I asked her.

 Well pissed is the right word but since I’m already up, you could as well tell me what you want. Sasha was usually like that. She said whatever came to her mind and doesn’t feel the need to sugar-coat her words whatsoever and that was the reason we became friends in the first place. ‘I’m waiting’ her impatient voice called at the other end of the call. ‘So I’ll be going for this job interview’, I started…that’s not new, she replied. See can you just shut up and let me say what I want to say? I asked her.

She chuckled and I knew she was just trying to get me upset on purpose. Typical Sasha. ‘I really want to get this job this time and I’ll need your help and advice’ I said quickly. I waited for her to say something to me. 5 seconds, 10 seconds…Babe are you there? I had to ask. She suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. I had to restrain myself from ending the call. When you’re done laughing, I’ll be waiting for you… I said rolling my eyes even though she couldn’t see me. ‘I’m sorry’ she said still laughing. It’s just that I find it hard to believe that Miss Prudence herself has come to seek the help of Jezebel.

‘You know I never call you that?’ I had to remind her. Yes I know you don’t but you do insinuate that. Instead of us arguing about irrelevant things can we think of ways I could be helped?. ‘Alright, alright’. So tell me fully about it. I got called for an interview in this oil company for a personal assistant position and I heard that it’s a young, handsome man who would be interviewing us so I kinda need your help. ‘Of course dear, Sasha darling is always here to help you’ and with that we set out planning on how it would work out.


She drove over to my house coming with her the most scandalous looking dress I had ever seen telling me it was the best for such interviews. Ok I admit I exaggerated the scandalous looking a lot but it was too skimpy for me to be found in not to talk of me wearing it to a job interview. Sasha that’s a big NO I said. You possibly don’t expect me to go for a job interview wearing that, I pointed to the black,short gown which exposed my thighs and as though that wasn’t enough it had a net on the cleavage part exposing my precious breasts to the whole wide world. Thanks a lot but I don’t think I can do this. ‘Dominque sit down’ she ordered me which I obeyed. ‘Do you want a good job?’ she asked. I nodded my head like an obedient little child. ‘Do you want to be able to drive around your own car like I do?’ I nodded. ‘Do you want to stop asking your poor parents in the village to send you money?’ I nodded vehemently.

That was the part which I hated most. ‘Do you want to be able to send your younger siblings to school?’. Yes I do… I absolutely do, I replied to her this time. Then you’ll understand that I’m trying to show you the right way. This is Lagos and you need to shine your eyes. Nobody is here to nurse your feelings, do you understand me?. Yes I do. Good. She instructed me to what I was going to do and soon the day arrived. I woke up feeling enthusiastic. I was finally going to get a job…according to what Sasha had told me anyways. I got dressed in the gown she had brought for me and picked my comfortable blue flat shoes(though it was against the order of my dear instructor).

I donned a little makeup on my face. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered if I could recognize this version of myself…well, as long as it got me what I wanted, I couldn’t care much. The gown had hugged my exposed my cleavages as I knew it would and it stopped a little below my ass. I had a big ass so I could guess the attention I was drawing to myself and I wasn’t wrong.

Immediately I left the house, I could see men both young and old staring at me…some bold enough to even call out to me. I wasn’t used to this type of attention and soon I got to the office for the interview. When I got over to the office, I was given a hard stare by the secretary, a tall and pretty woman who looked hard to please. I judge people from the first impressions I get from them. Go into that Hall and wait for your turn. I got into the Hall to wait for my turn. Most of the people who had come for the interview were men…only about two women there and they were dressed as I was. I relaxed knowing I wasn’t alone. Soon it was my turn and I got called into the interviewer’s office. True to rumuors, the man was as good looking as he had been described. When I got into the office, he was busy looking down at some files and I just stood waiting for him to pay my attention and he finally did. When he raised head, I gasped for breath. He had a dark glowing skin and his biceps were clearly obvious from the suit he wore. He had a brown eyes I wasn’t sure if it was real or contact lens. His eyes swept over me and it made me self conscious. ‘Why are you dressed like this to an office interview?’ was the first question my interviewer threw at me. I couldn’t be sure I heard him correctly. ‘Sir?’ I asked blinking my eyes to clear the initial shock.

You heard me correctly, why are you dressed like you’re coming to a club and not an office interview?. I was thoroughly embarrassed to say the least. I just kept my eyes on the floor. ‘Sit down and tell me about yourself and why this job should be given to you and not the other people that are sitted outside. I could remember myself stuttering as my confidence had been punctured. However the interview ended, I had no idea, all I remember was having this feeling of running away from the office to the comfort of my room and bed.

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Story by TIFE

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