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Poetry Friday Line 26: ONE FOR ONE

Poetry Friday Line 26: ONE FOR ONE

Let’s agree for a new life
Let’s begin this decade with love
And let’s vow to ourselves and to our creator

Let’s also pledge to secure the posterity of our ancestors
Let’s promise all and sundry a seasoned life with flavour
And let’s decree to leave each new person with a reason of joy to further

First, promise me that if I help you get your back up the ground again
You’ll in turn help another to do so
For the continuation of the circle

Place your right hand on your chest
And vow you’ll never seek my downfall
Once I help you to rise

Pledge never to come back to me with a stone
If I should give you bread when you are down
Just so I can be encourage to do to another

Again, forbid betrayal
If I should accept to take upon myself your cross
So I don’t water the back of my hand with tears painful

Please if I scratch your back
Scratch mine too for the assurance of a happy life
And the tasting of trust once again

Of all, swear to yourself that if I get a rope into that ocean
To rescue you from drowning
You’ll not cut the same against me once you get to the dry land

For death is painful but bearable
It is betrayal that comes with a shock of madness.
-Ikise Atabang.

If I enter Uni, I ‘ld make sure to establish a business
I don’t want to rely on mum’s cash alone.
I know it’s not gonna be easy.
But I must find a way to balance both my academics and work.

This is the third year, and I have done nothing.
Lazy me.

Oh! I’m becoming too fat, I need to start exercising.
By 2019, I’d be going for morning jog.
But when my alarm beeped, I snoozed it.
And continued sleeping.
Lazy me!

God please help me let me scale through this calculation courses.
Next semester I will be more serious with them.
I’d make sure I study them more often.
Yet I’m still struggling, no positive change.
Lazy me!

2019 is my year of seriousness, no dulling.
I really need to work hard.
I must get a ride this 2019.
I must settle down this year.
2019 has almost ended.
See where I am.
Lazy me!

Guy! You see this session?
No time for play o.
I must upgrade my GP.
My studies now is going to be TDB.
Here I am, snoring on my bed.
Lazy me!
-Valcee [Hones Pen]

Season’s greetings from us once again.
Thanks for your all supports and encouragements in 2019.
We promise to do it better this 2020.
With love!

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