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Poetry Friday Line 23: Na Me!

Poetry Friday Line 23: Na Me!

Na Me 

I be africa
Wey dey guarded with correct correct water rish from the Mediterranean to the Indian soté e rish red con meet Atlantic seas.
The giant who bin dey raise great black men across nations
The mama of the greenest trees and the driest desert.

I be africa wey stand gidigba with plenty plenty colour of people with more than a thousand tongues.
I be mama africa wey get better rattlesnakes,hippos wey go fit match you down, lions wey no get time to dey gist with you, giraffes wey dia head bin wan rish sky roof,better soldier ant wey fit give you sabi dance steps.

I be africa mama wey get pikin wey dem dey call Congo wey get water wey white man just dey admire dem no dey enter.
Mama wey get river wey run come from Niger and benue come jam for lokoja.
I be africa,I get better sun wey dey cook skin weda black or white e no Kia.
I be africa I no dey ever hear abi kuku see winter or spring.

I be sabi mama wey no dey carry last for dry or rainy season and I dey cut cut pipo skin for harmattan.
I be africa wey dey carry gold,oil,better farm produce and dem dem natural resources for belle wey my children dem dey use do trade by batter.

I be africa wey outsiders dey call ignorant because say I happy and no get worry.
I be africa wey get over plenty gods and religion wey dey yanfu yanfu.
I be Africa wey till tomorrow rish our men go still be men and our women go dey as beautiful and curvy as them suppose be thanks to jah.

I be africa wey the only fight wey I dey fight na just for entertainment.
I be africa wey civilisation fes land for her northern kaban before any other maga Kuma hear the gist.
I be africa wey don dey produce kings and queens wey other men no dey fit even chook eye for dia eye.
I be africa wey get thunderous voice and beautiful heart.

Na me be that person them dey yan about whenever they wan call culture wey set.
I be africa wey get pikin wey dey chop jollof rice as traditional food, when others they drag say na them invent am.
I be africa wey get better ojuju the one wey all this pipo dey call masquerade.
Na me be the mama for jazz ask any where, my faith and belief strong pass hurricane.
I be africa wey get better, wey sabi better, wey dey do better.

You be africa of before before before.
Make I yan you now.
Africa no they sleep again if them no close door.
Them dey sell their brothers and sister go that mans place.

Africa wey no get respect for them forest.
Wey no fear face go dey sell their juju.
Make I just tell you africa don wash finish.
She don become farm wey the only thing them dey harvest na slaves wey them dey carry pass plenty water.
Africa wey dia life dey on top one woman country table.
Mama make I just tell you now your children don dey go better war.
Dem they agitate dey vex anyhow say wan tin do wan tin.
Africa just be typical chicken born twelve, twelve die.

Her daughters only they produce water from eyes and pikin from nyash.
Her bomboys dem just dey make animal noise dey concentrate energy wey e no suppose go.
Many of your children don they offed by one nonsense powder wey dem chook inside one iron sontin like that wey one ode make him bin think say e go bring peace.
O boy can dan.

E be like say you ma dey far small ooh.
Oya hold this shekpe make give burst brain gbedu.
Mumzi open ear make I give you d latest.
Africa money dey do kwokirikwor step
One of your pikin pack all them papa dem off them because say na them dey destroy your legacy.
I bin one aks sef you adopt corruption?
because the way i just they see that pikin ehn, sha e don finish dey enter your pikin them.

The one wey they weak me no be even say brothers and sisters dey kill each other because of power, ba those ones wey no get reason wey worse pass.
E get wan thing wey we the call “G”, that thing don blow pass the people wey e dey blow.
For your daughter land naija, na console those ones they console their self for dem yeye condition.
Na them dey do their self.

Your pickins dem wey dey south wey before before na dem dey shout say dem dey kii dem, come dey burn burn dey quench dia brothers wey nyash dan for dia area.
Them dey carry mumu thing for head and the reasonable things? Ah. Na that one them day use do mumu.
Mama make I just kuku tell you now, forget all this your denge pose.
africa don wash.
Sha some of your pikins dem dey alright oo
but hace.
mama cam dan no dey too quick tok.
Na cry mata dem be.
-Teri (c_u_p_o_f_t_e_a)


I tread this lonely path alone and mesmerizingly.
There are so many people here though,
But each is engrossed in his own business,
So it’s lonely by the way.
Unsure of what awaits at the other end.
Happy faces or angry monsters?
I wish I could take two steps at a time.

At times I wonder if I am on the right track.
What if I’m on the wrong way?
Is this the life I chose?
Too many ups and downs.
But I’ll keep moving,
You know why?

Ya! I’v got hope.
That’s why I crawled,
Ran, exhausted,
Fell, got up, continued.
There is no turning back.
-Valcee [Honest Pen].


I want us to stand for some minutes
Stare at each other
Focusing on everyone
But see no one than ourselves.

I want us to sit down
And discuss shallowly and deeply
Talking about everything and nothing
Just to realize ourselves- who we are.

I want us to run a race
Without any opponent
But focus on each other
And aim at arriving the same time

I want us to care a care less care
And be stupid for each other
Not knowing anything and something
Only be wise to ourselves

I equally want us to die a death
And resurrect a resurrection
Of peace and pieces
Our minds fighting against and for each other.

I want us to answer a name
Far better than our names
Not counting our rewards
But be happy for our lives

I even want us to love a love free love
Where our problems perish with us
And freedom of changed mind resounds
Persisting in the hearts and brains of sole lovers

Finally, I want us to run inside another
Be seen in ourselves through each other
Dating the happenings and not the memories
Just so we can heal our emotions and keep ourselves.
-Ikise Atabang.

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