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It has been a long and stressful day and you were very glad it has ended.
 “Why don’t you spend the night with me?” Your friend pleaded with her most disarming puppy-dogface. You try not to bulge.

“See, I have…” You started protesting but her eyes gleamed with tears.
“Fine!” And she hugged you, jumping up and down like a nursery school girl.

After the dinner, you retired to bed. She insisted you shared her room with her and you did. Some time at night, you went to use the toilet and through a crack at the door, you saw someone break into the house. You were not sure if you’ve seen the face before. It was a stranger on hoods and before you knew what was going on, the stranger had fired shots at your friend. Four shots. You jumped out through the window and started racing along the dark and lonely street. The wind howling against your ears. The rain beating against your face and mixing with your tears. You don’t know where you’re headed but you kept running. Away from what you don’t know.

As you ran, there was a flash of lightening and you saw two figures ahead of you, one holding the other. Probably some late night crawlers. You would ask for help anyway and maybe rescue your dying-if-not-dead friend.

“Please, ” you’re panting hard and took some seconds covering the distance between you and the strangers. “Please, excuse me.” But they kept walking. “It’s an emergency!” You scream and they turned.
There was another flash of lightening and there, was your friend, hollow eyed with mouth hanging open.

There was yet another flash of lightening and the roaring of thunder.
 And holding your friend was the hooded Stranger…

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