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Story by Ebube: BAD SCHOOL DAY


Today is your seminar presentation. You had met previous times with members of your group – eight boys and two girls, including you. You guys had shared some subtopics among yourselves and had practiced frequently. Even last night, you had stood in front of the mirror in your room and practiced. Nothing could go wrong, you think.

You are early to school and naturally secure a seat in front of the class. Your phone vibrates inside your bag. You check and the caller ID reads “Classrep”.
You answer the call. “Hello. Good morning.”
“Same dearie. You’re urgently needed at the faculty building.”
Your heart skip a beat. “Is everything okay?”
“Nothing much. Just to clear up some things. And you had better hurried; the faculty Officer is about to leave.”
“Alright. Thank you.”
“Anytime.” He says and hangs up.
 _God!_  You mutter under your breath and silently pray you don’t waste much time at the faculty building. Your group is the second to present and that should be in a matter of minutes. You hurry to the faculty building.

As you knock on the door to the faculty officer’s office, the door opens almost immediately, just like the man was about to leave.
“Good morning, Sir.”
“Can I help you?” He says. _This is not encouraging._
“Sir, my class rep just called to say you sent for me.” You try not to stammer.
“And you’re just coming?” _This is getting too bad._
“He just called, Sir.”
“Hmm. Come in.” And he heads back into his office. You instinctively check the black tube top covering your cleavages and draw it up a little. Your pink gown has a V shaped necking, a very long V shape that will expose a _healthy_ amount of cleavages if not worn with a tube top.

The faculty officer sends you to the Students’ Affairs’. The associate dean of the Students’ Affairs’ sends you back to your faculty officer. And that is how you find yourself going round and round to so many offices. It all had to do with your “change of course” files. And for a moment, you wish you had stuck with your previous course. By the time you’re done, your pink gown already has those annoying patches of sweat under the armpit. Your body is also wet with sweat.

Your phone rings again and you answer the call without even checking who the called is. “Hello.”
“Where the hell are you?!” The called sounds frantic. “The presentation’s about to start!”
“Mo gbe o!” You exclaim and throw your phone back into your bag without even hanging up.
You practically run all the way to the lecture room.
“Aren’t you guys supposed to be eight in number?” You hear the lecturer.
“Sir, the last person…..Oh! She’s here!” He then turns to you and mouth “where have you been?” You try a small smile.

You walk briskly to the stage to join your group. You can feel over one hundred pairs of eyes on you. It’s all you could do to keep your knees from wobbling. You’re breathing too fast. Take it easy, girl. You try to instruct yourself. One. Two. One. Two. In. Out. In. Out.
“You’re supposed to be the group leader…” The lecturer says. You’re not sure if it’s a statement or a question. You nod nevertheless.
“Hmm……” There’s something leery in his voice. “Seems someone pinned our group leader to the bed…..” He intentionally lets his voice trail off. Some people, majority of whom are boys, burst into a fitful laughter. _What’s so funny?_ Then it clicks. _Was he trying to imply that…….Geez!_
“On the contrary, Sir, I’m just coming from the Faculty building.” You try to defend yourself with the mildest tone you could muster.
“Hmm. With all the sweat. And you’re still panting. Tell us about it.”
“I actually ran all the way to this place” You’re trying so hard to keep your cool. Frustration is already creeping into your voice.
“Really? And the cleavages? You’re trying to seduce someone?”
You look down at your chest. Your tube top has gone down a little, but the little was large enough to show some parts of your cleavages. How did that happen?!

“Brezzident!” Someone from the crowd shouts and everyone laughs. They laugh so hard your eyes become hot and clouded.
“They’re nice though.” _The Casanova!_
The class is already rowdy with laughter. They’re having a good time – at your expense! This is sure going to make headlines for two weeks! Thanks to him! The tears are now threatening to force themselves out. You blink and blink and blink to keep them back.

As the laughter is dying down, the lecturer says, “You know, you should show us more of these often.” There was nothing funny, yet your insensible classmates are laughing their guts off. Geez! A strong feeling of nausea wash over you and you feel like fainting.

The lecturer is about to say something else when someone calls from the crowd. “Enough of that, Sir.” It was a guy. One of the cutest and most influential in the faculty. “Stop harassing her!” If you were not the one in a tight corner, you probably would have been thinking, “Prince Charming to the rescue!”.

“Oh. Her boyfriend?” The lecturer asks.
“That’s not necessary. You don’t have any right to treat her that way.”
“Last I checked,this was not a law class. So, how did _right_ enter the discussion?” You are sure he intended this as a joke. But no one laughed. He adds “And since we’re talking about rights…. I don’t think _you_ have the right to interfere in matters not concerning you!”
“That she’s scared of you doesn’t mean we all should fold our arms and watch you flirt shamelessly with her. A man with a wife at home!” The class is very quiet now. Of course, the man can’t even tamper with the boy’s results. His father is the dean of the faculty. Maybe that was what gave him the nerve to challenge this lecturer.

“Sweetheart, please, let’s go.” And you leave with him. Several eyes were still on you. Once you’re outside the hall. The tears drop on your cheeks.
“Black tears? Don’t spoil your mascara please!” And that make you laugh.
“Thank you.” You manage to say.
“It’s nothing. Just run along and fix yourself.”
You smile through the tears and go into lavatory.

 Thanks for reading. 🤭❤

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