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Poetry Friday Line 19: LET US BE!

RTM presents Poetry Friday Line 19: 


Dear society
Children little and blameless get talked into doing things that make them grow out of their innocence and we call it Adulthood.
It is said that the mother’s care builds a childs future.
Also said that a father’s firmness molds a childs character.
Though many at times I have heard that we came into the world on our own and we’d leave on our own.
I stand firmly on the top my illusional mountain of words and yell.
“Children make their futures”.
What makes a child bad or good.
Choices I believe.
Yes moved by the possible emotion that would be expressed by his mother.
And scared to death by the thunderous words of her father
A child still does what he wants.
It is still left on his brittle shoulders and tiny mind to make that decision.
Except society has its tragic conclusions like;
When a child does good he is only obeying his parents
And when he does bad.
He is called out for disobedience.
Society, give this children a break.
Don’t persecute us for living and making mistakes in this world of mistakes.
And don’t push us into the quicksand of sins you claim to be pulling us out of.
Yes we are young and naive
Prone to making mistakes and falling out of line
But that doesn’t really make us bad.
It makes us human.
Something you also are.
Remember even Angels fail.
So society give us a little break and a lot of accolades.


Confused me…
What am I ?
Who am I?
A Christian?
An unbeliever?
Am I a good guy or a bad guy?
Sometimes I don’t feel like going to Church.
Sometimes I don’t even go at all.
Sometimes I’m active, sometimes passive.

Sometimes I feel I’m too good.
Yesterday I walked pass a lame beggar under the sun, without rendering any help.
I did as if he wasn’t there.
Does hell even exist?
What if all these are scam?
Confused me!

I’m a bad child.
I posted a picture of my mum on her birthday,
I wrote many sweet things like “best mum in the world”
“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me”
But when I called, I didn’t say those sweet things to her!

Am I good at anything?
Am I even intelligent?
Why am I even bothered?
This is Nigeria, I must not be intelligent to make it.
Oh! True but I need skills or business idea.
Do I have any?
Why am I even bothered, must I make money?
Money is the root of all evil.
It’s written in the Bible “It wld be easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a middle than a rich man to enter heaven”
Confused me!!

What am I even doing here?
Suffering and waiting for my demise?
Does it make sense?
Like an empty bottle thrown inside a river, I have no direction.
Sometimes I sail forward, sometimes backwards.
Sometimes right, at times left.
Because I’m confused and dumb.

Maybe because I’m being lead by confused old men.
I believe what ever they instill in my shallow mind,
And learn what ever they teach.
Dwelling on dead men’s wisdom.
Am I not dead mentally?
Their beliefs and teaching got me feeling like a blind man on a railway.
They made us believe praying to our ancestors is idol worshipping.
But to their ancestors they pray, in the name of saints.
That throwing of white chalk(nzu) is idol worshipping.

Yet they sprinkle us with “holy water”
I don’t know what to believe.
We ‘had’ our own way of doing things (Culture)
We’ve deserted our way of dressing to wearing suit irrespective of our hot weather.
We now eat with left hand, Civilization! they call it.
And If you don’t act like them, when you try to be different, they call you local man.
I laugh!
Ya! I’m drowning in confusion, but I don’t need your guidance.
Maybe it’s time to follow my own instincts and conscience.
And do what I feel is right.
But who knows?, they might be confused too.
Confused me!!!
-Valcee (Honest pen)


My heart bleeds…
For my dead siblings
Who couldn’t survive the seen and unseen battles of my old man
I want you all to understand that you are not forgotten
My heart bleeds daily for you people
But revenge has no time bound…

As harmless as you all were
Yet, you were their next targets
My heart bleeds every second for this
But REVENGE is not hindered by time…

Even As innocent as the speechless sheeps
You all became their enemies
Since they couldn’t conquer their primary rival
For this, my heart bleeds every minute
But REVENGE is certained as long as life ceases not…

I’d be looking up to some of you by now
But you all left massively
Because the world couldn’t guarantee your safety
My heart bleeds whenever this memory is refreshed
Life or death, one thing is sure – REVENGE…

Haha… I’d even be a Senior bro to some of you
But you all left
Because life scared you all… lol
But seriously, my heart bleeds every minute for you all
I’m happy for one thing – REVENGE is an action word.
-Ikise Atabang.

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